Exercising with kids in the cooler weather

Well Summer has been fabulous here at Wheelie Fit Mums, but I know that when the leaves start to fall, the evenings become darker, and the winter layers come out of the closet, it can become more and more difficult to get or stay motivated to exercise! So here are some of the tips I give my Wheelie Fit Mums to keep them motivated over the winter:

1. Be realistic. Are you really going to get up at 6am and go for a run, or jump on your treadmill? Probably not! You will be warm, tucked up in bed, and hitting the alarm clock for another 15 min snooze! If you can aim to exercise in the middle of the day, it’s the warmest part, and there will be other people around. Stick to times like lunch, and early evening, lots of other people will be out then too, and it will help to keep you motivated. Walking for exercise means doubling your foot speed to what you would normally walk, so push that phil&teds nav!

2. Put on an exercise/fitness dvd. It doesn’t need to be new, jump online and purchase a second hand one off Trade Me. Set a goal in your head to do 20-30min when your child goes down for a nap. It they are too old for a nap, get them to join in too! Put on trainers and exercise gear, and get into exercise mode. If you child likes to dance, put on a CD and boogie around with them for 20 minutes, you’ll soon get up a sweat and raise that heart-rate.

3. Set up a simple circuit in your backyard. I will even give you one!
– Set a distance approx 30sec-1min, down the drive and back, around a tree, this is your cardio loop. Pop your child in the stroller. Off you go 1 loop, step ups 10 sec, 2 loops, step ups 20 sec, 3 loops, step ups 30sec etc. Up to 5 loops then back down again, 4,3,2,1. Move quickly walking, skipping, running. Steps up don’t have to be high impact, use your whole foot to step up and down on a porch step or deck. If you are fitter try stepping up quickly like a run on your toes. Increase the loops, change the exercise.

4. Take your child for a swim. Kids pools are always warmer than adult pools! If you don’t like to get in togs, invest in a rash top and long board shorts. You are practically clothed! Swimming is fantastic cardio exercise, and carrying around a younger baby or child is hard work! Hop in the spa pool afterwards and you’ll be toastie warm!

5. Keep a summer outfit in your closet. We are nearly always slimmer, healthier with our eating and more active in the warmer months. Try this outfit on intermittently, this is a good way to keep your winter weight under control, so when it come’s back around you are not going on a “summer diet”!!

Wheelie Fit Mums operates all year around outside. People always ask me how we do it, and I say….Winter is fresh, crisp, and invigorating. As soon as you have started, you are warm and you won’t even notice the cold. It’s beautiful to be outside in winter, and you feel great afterwards!

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