Fun places to explore with kids-Israel

We spent April-June in Tel Aviv, Israel a few years back and loved it!
My husband was working with the New Israeli Opera and had a few concerts
with the Jerusalem Symphony.   We had an apartment about two blocks
from this beach, which we did not mind at all.  We were delighted by
many, many things in Israel.

My stroller obsession really started in Israel. This is the stroller we brought, which we realized was a bit of a joke. In Tel Aviv we were walking 1-3 hours a day. Our son did not seem comfortable for sleep, and this stroller was very much made shorter people than my husband and me. A few months earlier, my husband was working in Detroit where my college friend who taught me to fire breath lived. She introduced me to phil&teds by giving me a stroller demo in her living room. I emailed her to find out more as I needed a better stroller. I started doing my research on-line and found an e3 on ebay. I made a bid, assuming I would not win, but the next morning I woke up as the owner of a new phil&teds!! Sadly since we were in Israel (and then traveling to England and Mexico), I could not have it shipped to me. I would have to wait  few months to use my new toy. In the mean time, we upgraded to a great Spanish made stroller in Israel. We liked it for the full recline and the fat wheels.
Below, we are outside the walls of Jerusalem with a stroller we could comfortably push
for hours a day while waiting for our phil&teds.
A few Tel Aviv favorites:  Carmel Market!!
This place is amazing, and as you can tell, we were very excited by the
gummy candy.  The produce was spectacular, so fresh and flavorful.  On
the weekends, there frequently would be craft and artisan  fairs at the
market. We bought my son a little pop up toy there that is still a
favorite almost 6 years later.
An easy Tel Aviv favorite, the gorgeous BEACH!!
And although it was about an hour walk from our apartment, if you follow
the beach you can walk to Jaffa.  Jaffa feels much older and we loved
the contrast to modern Tel Aviv.  I would LOVE an hour to walk along
that beach right now.
In Jaffa, we were wandering around some alleys with lots of artist
galleries and came upon this hanging tree.  This is one of my most
favorite photos of my little boy.Below, yet another Tel Aviv favorite, walking on Dizengoff.
We had heard that Dizengoff used to be the main thoroughfare in Tel
Aviv, before the shopping malls.  There is still excellent window
shopping, like the crazy dress below.
And, it is very worth it to go out of your way to visit this juice bar
called Tamara.  It is where Ben Gurion boulevard crosses Dizengoff.  One
of my favorites was to get the watermelon and fresh mint smoothie,
which just tastes like summer to me.  This place was always busy and for
good reason.
We spent a few days in Jerusalem, which was an amazing maze and
extremely beautiful city.  It is impressive that tourists have been
coming here for thousands of years.
We also spent a day at the Dead Sea.  We learned they do not allow
little kids in the water as if they swallow too much, it can be fatal.
And I learned that if I cover myself in mud, my child may be a bit
alarmed by muddy mommy.
On a bit of a tangent, we have a running little joke with this Skipper
shirt.  I got the shirt from my brother years ago.  Since it photographs
so well, I started taking it on trips to see how far Skipper could go.
Once I started nursing, Brian took over on Skipper duty as the effects
of nursing were a bit intense on Skipper.  He wore Skipper to a
rehearsal when a photographer was taking candid photos for the program.
Much to our delight, Skipper made it into the Israeli opera program.
We have Skipper photos from around the world, and it makes me giggle.

About the author:

Prior to becoming a traveling opera wife and full-time mother, Ann Hinckley Stucki studied socio-cultural anthropology as an undergraduate and went on to receive her master’s degree in social work. She has worked in a variety of fields from health education, mental health/community/school social work, geriatrics, childbirth labor support, and disease prevention in Latin America. Her research pursuits have taken her from a Costa Rican/Nicaraguan border dispute to London, England to present graduate research at a Medical Anthropology conference. Additionally, she is an award-winning photographer and enjoys portrait work. She also teaches fire breathing. Brian Stucki has been singing professionally full-time for more than six years, taking his family on the road with him. He has sung with companies and orchestras from coast to coast and on three continents. Highlights include The Pearl Fishers with Seattle Opera, Così fan tutte with the New Israeli Opera, Haydn’s Creation, with Boston Baroque, The Barber of Seville with the Compaña Nacional de Mexico in Mexico City, and The Fall of the House of Usher with the Polish National Opera..