phil&teds at the ballet

You may have figured out that phil&teds heads are quite a sociable bunch, but did you know we’re rather sophisticated too? No? Me neither!

In January, the team in New Zealand  made a united resolution that this coming year we would break our normal routines and mix things up a bit. 2013 was going to be about  trying new things as a team. We started Pilates classes downstairs in our office building – there’s no better way to bond with your colleagues than spending an hour sweating in lycra (blokes included!), we ran the Wellington Round the Bays half marathon, and from time to time we share a lunchtime picnic on a small patch of grass out front (weather permitting)! But last week we really stepped it up with our first cultural excursion to watch the Royal New Zealand Ballet perform!

In February  we had been lucky enough to meet Ethan Stiefel – Artistic Director for the Royal New Zealand Ballet. He came to phil&teds to speak about his career in the Arts, which amazingly began at the tender age of eight. He became involved with classical dance through his older sister, who was taking a class at the Monona Academy of Dance, Madison, Wisconsin. Her teacher was eager to get a reluctant Ethan into a class – boys in ballet are a rarity! Thankfully Ethan caved and went on to become one of the greatest male ballet dancers of his time. And we had the privilege of meeting him – pretty cool, eh?!

Ethan’s stories about the life of a ballet dancer were inspirational, and we all agreed we had to see his latest show.

Twenty five of us, dressed to the nines (no lycra this time!), set out to St. James’s theatre to watch Made to Move. The show incorporates three individual pieces, each very different and more captivating than the last. Needless to say, we each had our personal favourites! I was pleasantly surprised to see my usually rather rowdy bunch of work colleagues completely engrossed throughout the performances. The ballet seemed to cast a spell, we were held in it’s grip until the curtains closed. We left the theatre quietly touched.

Here’s hoping our next excursion is as magical as the ballet – something tells me it will be hard to beat.

About the author:

Jude looks after phil&teds social media and community.She has a BA in Journalism and traveled to New Zealand on a whim after a stint in Central America- and never left! She's Irish by birth, Kiwi by choice! Jude has been a phil&teds head for nearly two years now. She's the one answering all your questions online! If she could live her life through the medium of interpretative dance she would, but until that day a good book and a cup of coffee will do! If you would like to contribute to our blog or have any questions for her, then pop an email through to [email protected]