The moment of truth!

Is it a boy or a girl? On the day of our 20 week scan we were ready to find out, we thought the guessing would finally be over! However our  baby had other ideas – our baby wanted to play hide and seek! In the end the baby won and we had to admit defeat and leave the doctor’s office. Thankfully we left  knowing that our baby was healthy, but none the wiser to whether we were having a boy or a girl. Another two weeks of speculation ensued…

Old wives tales told me that if the baby’s heart was faster than 140 beats per minute, I was most likely having a girl – my baby’s was 142! But then the Chinese gender predictor chart told me I was having a boy. The gender chart is more than 700 years old and it  predicts your baby’s sex based on your Chinese lunar age at the time you got pregnant, and the Chinese lunar month in which you conceived. Yes, it sounds a bit convoluted and silly. But it was found in an ancient royal tomb, so I couldn’t help but kind of believe it! Another person told me that if I wasn’t blooming (which I don’t think I am) it was most likely a girl, as baby boys make you glow but baby girls steal your beauty… ouch!

By the time it came for us to have another chance at learning whether Barry was in fact a Barry, I was ready to know. To be honest neither Phil nor I had any ‘baby gender preference’, but our friends and family were heavily invested in the outcome of this visit. Bets had been made, excitement had built, and we hoped that our baby wouldn’t play coy again.

The moment of truth arrived and our baby came up on the screen. There she was – our little girl! I looked at Phil and we both started giggling. Barry was not a Barry at all!

Our families were over the moon. Phil is from a family of boys, so my mother in law was especially excited! When I told my own mum the news she announced that she knew all along it was going to be a girl. I try to remind her that she did in fact have only two choices – boy or girl – so there was a pretty high chance she’d get it right, 50 percent chance I believe?! But she’s claiming mother’s intuition.

Bets were won, bets were lost and the prediction talk finally ended. Now all that’s left for me to do is go out and buy something pink. Let the baby shopping begin!


About the author:

Alana is going through her first pregnancy and over the next few months she will be blogging about her journey to becoming a mother .Originally from Picton, New Zealand Alana is a valued member of the phil&teds team . We have to mention that Alana is in fact already a mother to two furry babies- Marley & Dora , but she's looking forward to trying her hand at mothering a baby of the human variety! We know that she was made for this new role, cause she look's after all of us exceptionally well!.