With a little help from your friends!

Not many people know that phil&teds began out of a garage in Wellington in the mid-90s, and through a lot of hard work managed to become a successful global business. Ok, maybe comparatively we’re still a small nursery company on the international stage, but I reckon we punch well above our weight! In saying that, we know more than anyone that we wouldn’t have got where we are today without a little help from our friends. With this in mind we strive to do our bit to support local businesses, charities and whoever else needs a ‘push’ in the right direction!

We first teamed up with the Surgical Research Trust (SRT) a few years back when we began donating phil&teddy bears to help young children get through the emotional stress of surgery. The bears, dressed in hospital gowns, are helpful for doctors to explain to their young patients the procedure they are to undergo. We know hospitals can sometimes be a scary and lonely experience for a child, so giving them a friend to name and adopt helps tremendously.

Last year we decided to raise some much needed funds for the SRT on top of our annual $25k donation, and a few months back were invited along to their 10th anniversary. Case studies and findings were laid before us, and by the end of the presentation we understood just how worthwhile their research is. We all agreed that they were most deserving of any funds we could raise for them. Not only does their work benefit all members of the New Zealand community, their research holds tremendous significance internationally. After an enlightening evening, we decided to get in touch with Trade Me, another super kiwi company. With their help we auctioned off ten phil&teds dash buggies over ten weeks, and in turn raised nearly $6,000 for the trust.

All in all the auction was a great success – some new kiwi parents got great deals whilst supporting a worthy cause.

A big thank you to everyone involved and a special thanks all buggy bidders!

About the author:

Jude looks after phil&teds social media and community.She has a BA in Journalism and traveled to New Zealand on a whim after a stint in Central America- and never left! She's Irish by birth, Kiwi by choice! Jude has been a phil&teds head for nearly two years now. She's the one answering all your questions online! If she could live her life through the medium of interpretative dance she would, but until that day a good book and a cup of coffee will do! If you would like to contribute to our blog or have any questions for her, then pop an email through to [email protected]