dot park

Part of my daily routine for years now has been to take Cali-Dog to the dog park every afternoon to get a run in. When Waverley, now 2, came along it was great to get out amongst friends during the late afternoon witching hour. Now that I have Mr. Charlie (2 months), getting us all out to the park has taken a bit of coordination, but wouldn’t be possible without the dot double. It’s easy enough to wield with just one hand so I can hold the dog leash with the other. Once we are there, they are both up high enough to not be bothered by the exuberant doggies.

In the pictures in the park, Charlie is in the main seat laid flat with the double kit in front, behind the sunshade. However the mesh shade does make it too hot for him underneath on those 30 something days, so sometimes I pop on the extra phil&teds Nav hood I have. It is fun to change up the colour and it fits with expansive coverage so that he is in the shade but still has full airflow.

 Portrait Equality:

Remember when we went to Papua New Guinea? Well, I wanted to let everyone know that, Portrait Equality, is finally launching! It is a not-for-profit project where we loan instant cameras to photographers travelling in developing nations and remote communities so they can give out family portraits along their journey.  I’ve been working on this for a while and we are having a photographic exhibition on Wednesday 01 May at Mils Gallery in Surry Hills to initiate donations to help us fund more cameras and get a roster of interested photographers. Come join us from 6-8 pm celebrate the launch, hear the stories behind the images, sign up as a    photographer, and bid on the prints through silent auction.

About the author:

I'm Tasmin, a photographer and the mother of a boisterous 2 yr old daughter Waverley and new baby boy Charleston. After doing (too much) research when I was first pregnant I became a Phil & Teds convert and love using all their toys to make my life as a mum easier. My partner and I love to travel and Waverley has 5 countries on her passport already! I have also co-founded Portrait Equality which loans instant cameras to travelling photographers so they can give out family portraits along their journey. Enjoy following us on our journeys as we share them with you and our families..