Gavin’s stroller accident – a lesson for us all.

In January 2013, Gavin was struck by a car whilst in his phil&teds stroller.  Gavin was just three months old when his stroller was thrown and flipped by a car. He was crossing the road with his mum at a busy intersection when a car rolled through a red light whilst turning. Needless to say Gavin’s mum was absolutely distraught  as she watched her baby’s stroller land upside down in the middle of the intersection.

Running towards his stroller Gavin’s mum heard is cry, he was ok. His stroller had taken the brunt of the impact whilst little Gavin was suspended into the 5 point harness. Miraculously Gavin suffered minimal bruises and was perfectly fine.

Gavin’s story should be a lesson to us all. Even whilst out for the shorts walk, we must ensure our little ones are fully strapped in, the harness could save your baby’s life.


Gavin after his accident. 

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