Dunedin…as a parent not a student!

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I have fond memories of my study days in Dunedin, but visiting as a parent with 2 younger children was really fun, and Dunedin surprised me!

1. Tunnel Beach – an absolute must, best in summer, and for children over 4. Bring Dad along or someone who doesn’t mind doing some shoulder rides. Steep walk back up, but completely worth it for the view, and the beach! Not for the faint hearted 10/10. Check the stroller tyre pressure before you go!
2. Dunedin Museum – great for kids and adults of any age. Spend the extra $ to go through to the butterfly house, and spend an hour discovering and playing with the science based games before you enter. Stroller parking available in butterfly house.
3. Mornington Tavern – doesn’t look much from the outside, a bit dated, but service, food, and kids playroom for younger and older children is well worth for a relaxing meal.
4. McAndrews Bay – kids need a quick nap, take a 10 min drive around the peninsula. Lovely beach, great for kids, cafe for mum and dad, could spend the afternoon relaxing in warmer weather.
5. St Clair beach. You can take the kids and spend an hour just having fun dodging the waves breaking over the esplanade. Playground close by, and cafe for mum and dad to grab a drink.
Tunnel Beach Rock

Tunnel Beach Walking Track 2

Tunnel Beach Walking Track

Museum Dunedin

I would highly recommend a few days in Dunedin with kids, if you are down that way!!

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