Fun cities to explore with kids: Warsaw, Poland!


One of our favorite places is Warsaw, Poland.   A few years back, a gig from the Polish National Opera was offered to my husband, and three weeks later, we were in Poland. We have since returned twice, we simply love the place! It really did  take us by surprise just how much we fell in love with it.  I had never really even considered traveling in Poland. For me at least, I grew up dreaming of Italy, Switzerland, and England, etc, but not Poland.   There is such an amazing history, much of it sad, but much of it powerful.  The people are kind, and Warsaw is a very child friendly city.

warsaw 2

My son stands proudly with his Polish Flag outside of the castle of Old Town.

warsaw 3


warsaw 4

This is the hallway to our apartment, kind of freaky. We are pretty sure the theater is haunted

warsaw 5

Outside the theater.  All of Warsaw was our playground.

We were there for All Souls Day and headed to the National Cemetery- one of the most amazing things I have ever seen!  In the USA for Halloween, we dress up in costumes, consume massive amounts of sweets and disembowel  pumpkins. The Polish actually do something meaningful. Maybe it’s not fair to compare Halloween with All Soul’s day (Zaduski)- after all, Zaduski is actually Nov.1st, but the candles in the huge central cemetery do kind of kick Halloween’s butt.

warsaw 7

We also spent a few days in lovely Krakow

warsaw 8

warsaw 9

Our little girl shows what lolly pops can do to your hair.

We learned a funny lesson about not believing our travel guidebooks.  We went to a restaurant that was recommended as family friendly (and to the restaurant’s credit,  they did have a baby chair, room for us to not fold up the stroller and a kids menu). However the waitresses  did not have much to wear. I think we went to Polish Hooters!  At the end of the meal when our waitress came by, Colin told me she did not have pants (trousers) on, only underwear. I found the food pretty good  though, buy maybe we were just hungry after a long day out.

warsaw 10

One of our many stroller naps! My husband usually had the afternoons off for us to explore, and explore we did! This is the first year in a few years that my husband does not have a return engagement scheduled for Warsaw and we have been left wanting more! I can only hope we get to explore more of Eastern Europe in the future.

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