We’re going on a bear hunt


I’m sure I’m not the only parent whose typical week of pushing a pushchair greatly resembles the song going on a bear hunt. Our family certainly isn’t all about the tarmac.

We’re coming to a tall mountain
It sure is high
It sure is wide

Let’s climb up it

photo 2-001

It may be as simple as a trip to the park, a little push across some grass, through a couple of puddles (I live in the UK don’t forget!). But then this turns into a walk along the bumpy canal towpath to a better playground or a ‘short cut’ to get to the car quicker.

We’re going thru the tall grass
We’re going thru the short grass
Hey! Look! There’s a little tree
Well, let’s shinny on up it

photo 1-001

Then there are the dog walks, the ones on muddy footpaths or grass paths that turn into a squelchy mess in the winter. With 2 children it’s great to be able to throw (not literally of course) them into the pushchair and head out with them all tucked up and warm.

It’s a big puddle of mud
Can’t go around it
Gotta go right thru it

imageWell, let’s go.
Squish, Sqwish, Blaaahh.

This go anywhere ability is perfect for our lifestyle and also great fun for the kids, they get to jump in the puddles, throw sticks for the dog, feed the ducks, go on the swings. Then when they are tired out they can sit back and relax while I do the hard work and all without giving me a hernia in the process.

Of course there is also the trips to the shops or my little Saturday morning treat of a visit to the coffee shop for coffee, babycino’s and cake. An important attribute of any pushchair is surely the ability to push it one handed while drinking a coffee?

So what do you think? Does this sound like your week as a pushchair pusher too? Where have you taken your phil& teds?

About the author:

Dad to 2 fabulous under 2's, one pink and one blue. Husband to the lady of the manor and owner of the craziest English Springer Spaniel called Bracken. Crazy runner type often found racing through some of England's most stunning scenery on the coastal paths in the South West. Food obsessed and currently trying to perfect the ultimate sourdough loaf..