Travelling with the Universal Travel Bag

Those that have a family would agree with me that you certainly have to cart a fair load of gear with you when holidaying with small children. Typically this may include a buggy, carseat, portacot, portable high chair not to mention all of their clothing and food. Thank goodness wonderful airlines such as Air New Zealand give you a complimentary travel allowance for children’s gear. That’s all well and fine but how do you get all that precious gear from A to B in one piece? Sure, the buggies are built rugged and the high chairs are robust, but let’s face it, there are some pretty battered suitcases going around the luggage turnstiles.

My solution to the problem six months ago, was to use a bit of kiwi ingenuity and make my own bag to keep our buggy safe on an aeroplane. Unable to find suitably tough fabric at home and unwilling to purchase expensive canvas from the shop, I proceeded to chop up an old horse cover. Well it did the trick but it did rouse some rather strange looks from the customs team, particularly as it was covered in permanent grass stains. It made it to Australia and back, minus a strap and bursting at the seams. It seems domestic sewing machines don’t deliver the strongest of stitches.

The home madeTravel Bag!

Imagine my delight when we found out that the team at phil&teds had come up with a new travel bag. It’s a real winner, isn’t made out of old horse covers and was perfectly timed for our next family holiday. The Universal Travel Bag is cleverly designed to fit a wide range of buggies, a car seat or anything else you can stuff into it. The bag is less than 2kg so it’s easy to store away in a compact space – it comes in a handy box that we’d keep for storing it in when not in use. The box doubles as a free toy as it also appeals to small children and furry cats.


The external polyester material is very well padded and stands up to the rigours of being shifted around an airport. It has several heavy duty velcro straps to keep the contents secure and a shoulder strap and carry handle to make it easy to move about. I like the wheels fitted on the bottom which allows you to hold a baby on one hip whilst dragging the travel bag behind you.

Keen to test the new bag thoroughly, we weren’t shy with the amount of gear we planned to take on our family holiday. The bag is really easy to pack and the buggy fits in great with or without wheels attached. We took the wheels off our buggy as we found they fitted better packed around our other gear. Here is what we managed to fit into our bag.

PicMonkey Collage
We threaded the straps through the D rings, velcroed it securely and headed off to the airport.  We just treated the Universal Travel Bag just like another piece of luggage and it went with our other bags at check in.  It was easy to put on the luggage belt and at our final destination, came off the belt with the other bags so we didn’t have to trail off to the oversized bag section – very convenient.

It’s a very clever design allowing you to carry almost anything in it, even after your ‘buggy carting’ days are through. It looks smart, was admired by many and would be a fantastic product for any family.   Well done phil&teds, you’ve added yet another champion to your stable of products.


Click here to view phil&teds NEW travel bag

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