A tropical escape with a little one in tow

We recently embarked on our first big adventure as a family, a tropical escape to Rarotonga. It was our almost 2 year olds first big trip and we wanted to make the experience as easy as possible for all of us. This travelling abroad with a little person in tow was a whole new ball game for us.

On the top of our essentials list was the travel cot. Having somewhere comfy, safe and clean for our little man to sleep in was all important. The phil&teds traveller was a no brainer. Not only is it comfy but its super light to carry and easy to assemble and pack away. On the first plane ride we put it in the Universal travel bag along with the smart stroller. Fitting it in was no issue. On the way back we decided to try it in our suitcase and it fitted in easily. Who would have thought that a travel cot could fit into a suitcase! We were initially going to take it as carry-on luggage because it can fit in the overhead compartments in a plane but we ended up having too many things to carry as it was.

toddler lying down inside travel cot sunhod on smart stroller smart buggy with toddler

While in Raro the phil&teds traveller was ideal. The mesh sides provided plenty of ventilation in the hot climate so our sleeping beauty got plenty of air flow while he slept. The zip away side made it easy to slide our little boy onto the mattress on those occasions when he fell asleep in the car and we transferred him into bed. The biggest bonus of all was how easy it was to move the traveller between our and grandparents rooms for naps. We were all staying at the same resort so rather than packing the traveller down each time we wanted to move it, we just picked it up fully assembled and walked it to the next room. The width of the traveller is the right size to go through a door way. Being able to easily move Mr 2’s bed to grandparents’ rooms gave us freedom to leave him with family while we enjoyed a peaceful lunch or dinner.

The other travel essential that we took was the smart stroller. I am so glad that we decided to take it because it made getting around a lot easier. I just wish we could have used it at the airport but alas it needed to be packed in the Universal travel bag and checked in with our luggage. The smart stroller fitted easily into the Universal travel bag with plenty of room to add bulky things like packets of nappies and beach gear.

The smart was our funky cool accessory on the island. The brightly coloured stroller was ideal for exploring the resort and the shops. Zipping around restaurants and poolside lounge chairs was easy. Although the smart wasn’t suitable for going on the beach, it was absolutely fine on gravel pavements, bumpy tile paths and hard packed dirt walkways. We didn’t need to worry about food and drink spills because the seating simply wipes clean. Our little boy loved being able to adjust the follow-the-sun hood himself and it kept him quite entertained. The fact that it folds up compactly meant that we had no issues putting it into the very tiny boot of our rental car. It was just so easy to take around with us.

Now that we’ve had our first family trip away we can appreciate how having the right ‘stuff’ makes the world of difference.

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