phil&teds heads’ behind the scenes visit to the Royal New Zealand Ballet

After 10 years of building deep, growth business relationships in China, phil&teds took the opportunity to deliver back, by supporting the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s tour there. On first glance it may seem an unusual sponsorship choice, but then phil&teds is well known for a ‘business as un-usual’ mantra, and moves such as these are never without sound motive.


“There’s so much to this,” says CEO Campbell Gower. “We’ve long bridled at the perception that China is an unsophisticated ‘factory for the world’. It’s a country with a tremendous cultural history, and a currency of high performance business.

“We’ve built deep, longstanding, mutually powerful relationships with partners in China which have been instrumental in us becoming a global business. So the opportunity to focus New Zealand attention on both the culture and performance aspects of China, by ‘exporting’ a high performance kiwi cultural entity back to our friends there, was just too good to pass up.”

chief book & bottle washer: Campbell Gower with RNZB and  Chinese business partners.

The tour featured performances of Giselle in several key Chinese cities – Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing  and Guangzhou – the RNZB was heralded by Chinese media as a stand out troupe. Gower feels that’s no less than the troupe deserves, and substantiates his backing.

“At phil&teds we’ve built a high performance culture bench marked daily against tough international competition.  You gotta be the best!  And we like to think that mirrors Royal New Zealand Ballet. So we want to celebrate the innovation, performance culture and abundant creativity of the Company, and it’s truly thrilling to see that reflected in Chinese media,” says Gower.

phil&teds heads were lucky enough to step into the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s wardrobe and backstage class – an enriching, motivational and appreciated experience for all attendees! Hear what one of our phil&teds had to say about it:

“I loved it!  I was amazed in the dance class of their ability to instantly put into action the instructions from their teacher, speaking in French she described all the moves they had to do, and then they just did it.  They respected each others space, showed dedication and passion on their faces, and just introduced me to a whole new world . It was a breath of fresh air. Very enlightening and inspiring. Loved seeing how strong yet graceful the men are. Just awesome!’

A group of us went to see Swan Lake last Friday and it’s fair to say, I want to become a ballerina!

Lucy Green – Swan Lake

Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take snaps on the inside!  The NZ tour of Swan Lake is going on right now – head here for more information!

Nicola – phil&teds

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