Staying safe in the sun


My two children are blessed to have inherited their dad’s blonde hair but this does of course also mean that we have to be even more careful with them in the sun. Especially as their mum is a red head, they really don’t stand a chance do they?

Now one option of course would be to just to stay indoors all day but we all know that with toddlers that’s pretty much the same as having caged tigers. Besides going outside to explore is one of the best things to do as a child so we have to find a way to manage.

We do the basic thing – using factor 50 sun cream at all times but it can be quite easy to miss patches when you have a toddler squirming in your arms. So recently we’ve started putting them both in sun suits when in the garden which seem to work really well.


Not only do you know with 100% certainty that they are protected from the sun they are also great for active toddlers. The suits are easy and comfortable to move around in and if you decide to get some water out for them to play in they don’t need to change their clothes!

The other essential item for our two is hats, a simple item of clothing, however not so simple to ensure that the hat stays on. You could quite easily waste a whole day putting Henry’s hat back on every three seconds after he yanks it off. He’s only one year old and he’s mastered the art of pulling the hat off, throwing it to the side and crawling away rapidly.

In these cases there is really only one solution aside from super glue and that is tying the hat on. H&M is my top tip here, in the UK you can buy hats with ties on for less than £5 and they are truly worth their weight in gold. They tie around the chin and  appear to be Henry proof (touch wood), sure he protests at first but then just accepts it.

These things work for us in the UK with our slightly unpredictable ‘summer’ weather, but for those of you in sunnier climates do you do anything different? Any top tips?

About the author:

Dad to 2 fabulous under 2's, one pink and one blue. Husband to the lady of the manor and owner of the craziest English Springer Spaniel called Bracken. Crazy runner type often found racing through some of England's most stunning scenery on the coastal paths in the South West. Food obsessed and currently trying to perfect the ultimate sourdough loaf..