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Winter Tips wheelie fit mums

Winter Tips

Wheelie Fit Mums!

Well we’re slap bang in the middle of winter, if you’re anything like me you might start feeling a little like you wish summer was just around the corner…well it’s not too far away with school holidays coming up, it’s only another month after this break and the weather will slowly start to warm up again! Keep this in the fore front of your mind for the next 6-7 weeks and think about what you would like to look and feel like as you pull out your spring and summer wardrobe from under the bed!

Here a few wheelie fit mums tips to help you on your way, and keep you going until then…

1. You need to exercise to look your best…remember the best summer bodies are made in winter! I like to remember this little phase “slim people look good in clothes, fit people look good naked”! Not only does exercise increase your fitness, and do great things for your health, it helps to tone your body, push your blood around, improve your circulation all helping you to actually LOOK better! Cardio exercise helps you to reduce body fat, strong postural muscles help you to stand taller, and look thinner. So keep exercising! Pick a time at least every 2nd day, set an appointment in your diary, just like the dr’s and stick to it! A brisk 30 min walk is a good starting point.

2. Fill up on delicious, nutritious soup! Did you know that people that eat soup before their evening meal, consume way less calories. Soup is healthy, filling and extremely easy to make, or cheap to buy!. Make a habit of having soup available in your fridge, a cup of soup before dinner or around 4pm is a great way to fill up, without all the fat to burn off again!

3. Need motivation…print off an inspiration quote, picture, or photo of a time when you really felt great in your body, stick it up on your bedroom or bathroom mirror, or on the fridge – somewhere you see it everyday. Another great idea is to write an inspirational message to yourself using a liquid chalk pen on your mirror – my favourite “Stop wishing, start doing”

4. Take out your favourite summer outfit now! Try it on….found it doesn’t quite fit the way you would like? Now’s the time to do something about it. Leave the outfit in your wardrobe, and try it on once a week…there is no better indication of your body shape changing than the clothes you want to wear!

5. Exercise is accumulative….not having a block of 30min is a classic excuse I hear as a trainer all the time. 10 mins here, 5 mins there, it all adds up. Fit exercise into your day…use the travelator at the mall, push your stroller up nice and quickly! Walk as quickly as you can between every 2nd lamp post on your daily walk, do 5 push ups, 3 x during the day using your kitchen bench…step up on your front steps for 2 mins everyday, you are only limited by your own imagination.

Follow these few wheelie fit mum tips, and you’ll be in a better starting place as you go into summer 2018!

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