10 reasons why our kids love their dads!


  1. Dad’s are the best to play climbing on. You can climb up their legs and flip over like in the circus.

  2. Dad’s are the best at playing and even know how to play video games.

  3. Dad’s teach you sports in the back garden and how to ride big boy bikes.

  4. Dad’s take you to McDonalds when Mum’s away.

  5. Dad’s tickle you so hard that sometimes it’s annoying- but it’s so fun that you don’t mind!

  6. Dad’s build you things like tree-houses and forts and they can carry you on their shoulders!

  7. Dad’s tell the best jokes and teach you cool tricks.

  8. Dad’s let you make fart noises and blow bubbles in your drinks.

  9. Dad’s do the funny voices when they do bedtime stories.

  10. Dad’s play chasing and run after you really fast and if they catch you they rub their beards on your face and it’s hurts!

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