“Designing beautifully unique clothing”… with kids in tow!


NZ Fashion Week gives us ladies (& blokes!) here in the phil&teds office the chance to talk style, fashion and all things beauty with the excuse of ‘business’. Resonating with our ‘Mighty Dwarf’ philosophy, NZ Fashion Week is about showcasing innovation and creativity, providing a platform for our oh-so talented kiwi designers to exceed the expectations of a global audience from our little old country full of sheep and hobbits – and as the 13th year of NZ Fashion Week draws to it’s climax, they’ve managed to wow us again!

Style is something we spend a long time dabbling with before we come to grips with our own, then kids come along and throw everything we know about ourselves out of whack. When was it that you became ‘Eli’s Mum’ or ‘Meghan’s Dad’, rather than Kate or John? What you wear does not define who you are, but for those of us who’ve spent a lifetime establishing a sense of self, to suddenly become an entity of someone else (albeit a heart-wrenchingly gorgeous wee someone else!) can send us spinning.

One dedicated Mum who’s managing to retain her sense of self with kids in tow, is up & coming fashion designer (and phil&teds advocate!) Desiree Turner. The Desiree Brand began as a humble Made-to-Measure business, and now offers two seasonal collections a year through iconic Wellington fashion boutique Rex Royale. With babies Odin (3) and Aria (1) by her side, Desiree manages to stay true to herself, retaining her lifestyle and reaching for her goals.


Her style inspiration? “I realised that there is a need for modest designer clothing and that this gap in the market means I can do what I love whilst upholding my own morals.”

Her phil&teds style pick? The dot! This compact double stroller is ideal for strolling the city with 1 or 2 kids – it’s small enough to cruise down busy alleys, and nip into your favourite fashion boutiques.

Check out Desiree’s latest collection at clothingbydesiree.com, and VOTE for her in the AMP Do Your Thing Scholarships – helping extraordinary Kiwis do great things! If you like her stuff you can also order online at www.fash.co.nz

We all have good days and bad when it comes to fashion, but you know you’re a parent when you notice that smudge of baby vom on your shoulder… and leave the house anyway.


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