Meet the parents!

At phil&teds, we hire the best people we can and give them the opportunity to make their talent dance . Over the years people have come & gone, then come back again! Many of us have changed roles and most of us now have kids. This year has been record breaking with 6 of the crew currently on maternity leave, and over 10 new babies born! With so many of us needing childcare our Chief Bottle Washer, Campbell, has kindly built a daycare centre for our mini-me’s. This is set to open next month and we’re all pretty excited at the prospect of having a constant stream of children running around the office – plus we can steal them for product testing! One of the perks of the job is that there is always a cute baby being passed around the office. All of the gorgeous “models” you see in our marketing material are employees and family of phil&teds. Meet some of the team!

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 Allanah: Product marketer

Allanah bounded into the phil&teds office 5 years ago when she initially  joined our Sales Support team. Over the years she has built up her knowledge of all things product related and is now our official product guru. Ask this lady anything  and she’ll know the answer – plus it helps that’s she’s really nice!  Allanah is mummy to a  gorgeous little lady, Blake, who incidentally coined our poppy high chair to ” my chair”  catch line when after testing the product, she refused to give it back!

P1120261 Herman: Project manager

Herman (the German!) was brought in from the Netherlands to give our laid back kiwi office some structure. Herman the non-German has to date been unsuccessful in shaking his nickname. He runs a tight ship around here and makes sure we all hit our deadlines.  Herman has lived all over the world with his Wellingtonian wife Sonia, but moved back here last year to have their first baby Hunter, who at 10 months has already stolen every girl’s heart in the office!

dad 2

 Paul: Product designer

Paul aka Wiggy brought his pregnant wife and their then 2 year old son to  New Zealand from the UK over 2 years ago to work for phil&teds – lucky us! Paul’s wife Danie now works with our web team, and the baby that came to New Zealand as a wee bean on the inside has been born on our shores –  April Aroha is a true phil&teds baby and has already featured in our poppy video and evolution car seat material.

silly dace

 Kate: Foreign affairs agent

Kate left her career as a midwife to join the phil&teds team. As you can imagine she’s a real asset to have around and we consider ourselves privileged to have her on the team! As is her 3 year old Eli, who you might recognise from tonnes of our marketing collateral. He’s not shy of a camera and is an absolute pleasure to work with – takes after his mummy!

oscar's 7th bday

Jason: Mover&Shaker

In phil&teds years, Jase has been around since the dinosaurs! He took off to the big ol’ US of A around 6 years ago to spread the phil&teds word and absorb some culture – it’s a whole different world to little New Zealand. We’re lucky to have him back today, leading our global Sales Team and teaching us some American slang. Right on, dude!



Ana: Web developer

Ana is one talented lady! Whilst being a mother to 3 gorgeous children Cadi, Felix and Wolf, Ana still finds time to build our websites, write code and look like a mega babe in the process! Before Ana got mixed up in the world of web she was a Chef in one of the most exciting restaurants in Wellington – yes, we know, what can’t this woman do?!



Dominic: Money bags

Dom began working here when his son Ollie was born, 4 years ago. The Dominator controls the purse, so effectively controls all of us!  As Chief Financial Officer he makes sure we get what’s owing. He’s also the guy who buys the pizza and beer on Fridays (if we’ve behaved!), so he’s pretty big deal around here!  He reckons he’s carrying  the phil&teds cricket team, and we won’t argue with that!


shoulders (1)

Tera: Sales Support

Tera works in the phil&teds American office in Fort Collins and is mother to the adorable Kota, aged 4. Funnily enough, Kota was never been a huge fan of strollers however the smart buggy changed his mind and he happily hops in it!  Tera loves to laugh and finds it very easy to with Kota around.


dad 1

 Mark: Quality Engineer

Mark is in charge of making sure every product we develop meets our high quality standards and is the man responsible for implementing a zero defects culture at phil&teds. In other words, if anything goes wrong – it’s his fault! “Quality Mark” as we now call him is also a quality Dad. His little munchkin Hayden can be seen in our smart stroller marketing looking pretty cute. She’s a quality kid!


Melissa: Public Relations

It’s Melissa’s job to rant&rave about what we’re up to and how our products can help you adapt&survive the crazy world of parenting! Melissa is the mother to a curly headed tot called Zack – who’s conveniently another big fan of our smart stroller.


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Devon: Sales support leader

Devon is our big hearted American care bear. He leads the team that looks after all US and Canadian customer queries, and does it with the biggest of smiles! Resourceful and ever-positive, Devon is the guy you’d want to hang around in a natural disaster. The apple of his eye is beautiful 3 year old Stella, who owns an escape, metoo, classic and vibe!

photo (3) Charles: Accountant

Charles is one of the new guys and boy has he hit the ground running. Arriving on his 1st day with a home-made chocolate cake won him many friends – however winning our in-house cupcake competition may have lost them #overachiever! Charles is a very talented man and a superstar mathematician! He’s also father to 2 gorgeous children, Aria and Odin who surprise, surprise we have exploited and used in loads of photoshoots!

Father & Son at Colloseum

Denis: Risky business

Big D is the big daddy of the office! He looks after us all and makes sure we always have a nice cold glass of sauvignon blanc on a Friday. Denis is a man of impeccable taste and naturally warm white wine just won’t do. Denis has been working here for 6 years and is a true phil&teds head. Here he is hanging out in Rome – just casually with his son Marshall. Marshall  is in his last year of high school and so is a little old to be in any our photo shoots these days, but that’s not to say he’s not extremely cute!


Rachel: Marketing

Rach is like super mum. Juggling a full- time job and three little monsters at home is no mean feat but she does it with a smile on her face! Always positive and cool to the core, Rach’s mild-mannered demeanour (and good looks!) has rubbed off on her gorgeous kids, who feature in our poppy video and car seat material!

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Jeff: Brand Ambassador

Jeff  (syrup&smiles) is our brand ambassador in Canada. He makes sure that all customers in Canada are happy. Luckily for Jeff he has a little man at home to keep him happy – his gorgeous blonde haired son Adeyn!



Blair: Product marketer

Blair is our resident rockstar and we regularly bowl out of the office on a Friday to watch his band play around Wellington. We pride ourselves on being his rowdiest groupies! When Blair isn’t rocking out or in the office working on a new product launch, you can find him at home playing with his adorable toddler Julian. We’re yet to get our hands on Julian…. but don’t worry, we will!


Rebi's Iphone 1198 (1)

Rebecca: Customer Care

Rebecca is an exciting new member to our team. She works in our new office in Spain and looks after all our European customers. Rebecca is originally from Canada and now lives in Malaga with her husband and daughter Daniella. Daniella has  2 strollers – the classic cause her mum&dad love it, and the smart cause her and Elmo love it!


photo (2)

John: Chief of Inventory

John is the man in charge of all our stock. If we run out of stock anywhere in the world – we blame John! Dear John has been a phil&teds head for about 4 years and he’s most known for his inappropriate jokes, his leather jacket, love of sushi and addiction to energy drinks! John needs his energy when dealing with us and most importantly his two mini-me’s Lexie& Meghan.



Matt- Webshop manager

We welcomed Matt to our team just before he turned 21 – we got him young! Since then Matt has become the captain of the world renowned phil&ted’s cricket team and more importantly, a father to baby Sienna.  Matt is a true adapter&survivor plus he’s always armed&ready with a bag of sweets before every meeting!


About the author:

Jude looks after phil&teds social media and community.She has a BA in Journalism and traveled to New Zealand on a whim after a stint in Central America- and never left! She's Irish by birth, Kiwi by choice! Jude has been a phil&teds head for nearly two years now. She's the one answering all your questions online! If she could live her life through the medium of interpretative dance she would, but until that day a good book and a cup of coffee will do! If you would like to contribute to our blog or have any questions for her, then pop an email through to [email protected]