Putting the “fun” back into fundraising!

Kate our resident midwife/sales agent/all round super lady recently had to take a surprise visit to the Wellington Children’s Hospital with her little man, Eli. Thankfully Eli didn’t have to stay too long in hospital. However he was there long enough for Kate to realise just how wonderful the staff and the services they offer were. After chatting to the nurses Kate overheard how the donation box in entrance had been broken into and emptied. Like most people Kate was outraged that anyone would do such a thing and after the amazing care Eli had received she decided to take action by raising some money to try and replace what had been stolen.


Raising money for a worthy is relatively easy to do when you work at phil&teds. However if throw some food in the mix you’re guaranteed to get the gang to part with their cash! Hence why Kate decided to organise a cupcake bake off! She rallied up 10 bakers and gave made them compete for the title of “phil&teds hottest baker”.  She even gave them all a strict theme! Taking into account that the royal baby had just been born the theme for the competition was to be “royal”. Take  a look at their creations below.


The bake off was a great success and as you can see it unearthed a few competitive types in the office! Over 1oo cakes were sold raising $350 for the hospital and raising the offices calorie intake by the thousands! But Kate didn’t just stop there, after having spent some time in the children’s play area Kate figured that collecting some new toys  wouldn’t go a miss either – so she did just that! It was such fun filled event that Kate plans to make our bake off an annual event and continue supporting our local children’s hospital. The whole phil&teds team are delighted that Kate saw something unjust and took action, something we all should do more off.  Thanks again to Kate!

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.” – Helen Keller


About the author:

Jude looks after phil&teds social media and community.She has a BA in Journalism and traveled to New Zealand on a whim after a stint in Central America- and never left! She's Irish by birth, Kiwi by choice! Jude has been a phil&teds head for nearly two years now. She's the one answering all your questions online! If she could live her life through the medium of interpretative dance she would, but until that day a good book and a cup of coffee will do! If you would like to contribute to our blog or have any questions for her, then pop an email through to [email protected]