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We travel a lot both in NZ and around the world, we have done since Zoe was born, and as my husband Chris races motorbikes, we already have heaps of stuff to take with us and battle with those damn luggage restrictions. Now we have Zoe it’s a whole other world of stuff to take! Luckily on some airlines you can take up to three pieces of ‘baby luggage’ BUT with only 2 people to carry things it’s good to limit as much as you can. The phil&teds traveller fit inside my suitcase which was fantastic, and it’s so light it doesn’t even really count as luggage. We travelled to Melbourne, Tasmania, Los Angeles, Mexico, and Sydney, and Zoe had the traveller all the way through. On our last trip she continued to sleep through the night (those magic words) the whole time, so she obviously likes it, feels super comfy and secure. I used it as a playpen a few times too which was handy.

It’s so easy to set up and now we are back in NZ planning a three week road trip it will be put to use again and not even take up much space in the van. There is no way I would have lugged a big heavy ‘old school’ portacot around with us knowing what I know now. And because we could easily take it with us, we didn’t have to keep borrowing everyone’s cots and Zoe had the same sleep space which was great.

If you do any kind of travelling with your wee one, I cannot recommend the traveller highly enough!

– Monica Birch


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