Corporate kids!

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Yesterday was the grand opening of the phil&teds minimee playschool and so in true phil&teds style we had a little party to celebrate the kids arrival!

Over the last few months our team members came together in their spare time to paint walls, put up shelves and even lay down grass – so naturally seeing the fruits of our labour meant a lot to all of us. Today we have have two complete families under one roof and plenty of crash test dummies at hand!

Minimee was set up to help all the parents in our office but especially our new mums. The  daily struggles of being a working mother is one we all know too well and we’re lucky that the women that work in our organisation are now able to make the right choices for themselves, their career and their family.  Having our minimees downstairs will no doubt make the tough decision to go back to work a little easier on us all.

A big thank you to our chief bottle washer Campbell and our magnificent MB mum Lou for their vision, hardwork and commitment to helping phil&teds parents.

Let the mayhem commence!




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