Making a busy mums life a bit easier!

Life is pretty busy for me with four gorgeous boys. By the time I had my fourth son I had already

tried three different kinds of capsule. When I was offered the chance to try out the new phil&teds

alpha capsule I was keen to try it out and I can say that it is definitely the best capsule car seat I’ve



What I liked best about it is that it’s light, easy to carry and safer than the other capsules that

I’ve tried. My son was more reclined in the alpha so I felt that I could leave him in for a bit longer

because his head wouldn’t go forward the same as in other capsules. I also liked that I could adjust

the padding as needed. Other parents commented on how stylish it was and were impressed with

the lightness. Having a light capsule really helps your back and is more comfortable to use.

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I used the alpha on a smart buggy as a travel system. I could take this everywhere that I needed to

go – school drop offs and pickups, to the mall and supermarket, and on short walks. It was really

handy at the doctor’s clinic where larger buggies would be too big to go. It was great for being able

to get in and out of small spaces and was very easy to maneuver. I could even maneuver it one

handed while holding another child! An advantage of using this over the snap and go wheels is that

you can hire elsewhere is that the tyres allow you to go more places and it moves much better. Plus

you have the buggy for later! Placing the alpha onto the adapters on the buggy was easy once I got

the hang of it. It just takes a little practice lining them up with the capsule.


I’d definitely recommend the alpha capsule, and the smart buggy as a travel system to my friends.

Many of whom came over for a look when the saw me with it and loved it!


– Amanda P

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