5 tips to help new mums get active!

Parenting is exhausting – let’s not pretend it ain’t! Having little to no energy is perfectly natural, however a few baby steps can help get you active again;

  1. Working for a buggy company, I have to put this one first. It’s a pretty obvious tip but the benefits of a brisk buggy walk should never be underestimated.  You’ll get some exercise and your baby will love being outside too – the fresh air and motion may even put them to sleep (wishful thinking?)!
  2. Don’t isolate yourself! Even if none of your friends have kids, don’t forget there are plenty of  other women in the same boat as you. Join a postnatal group. Some of these groups offer exercise classes like  buggy fitness or baby swimming sessions. It’s a great way for you to start gently exercising again and more importantly, it will get you networking.
  3. Once you’ve made some like-minded new mum friends, don’t be afraid to lean on each other. Take it in turns to mind each others babies for an hour or two in the morning. Get a system going so each of you has a chance to visit a gym, take a yoga class or go the  local pool a few times a week.  Yes you’ll be tired, but push yourself to work hard, the energy a good work out can bring will set you up for the week. Plus the quiet time to focus on yourself will be heaven – believe me!
  4. If you’ve gone back to work, it will seem like you have even less hours in the day to exercise. However if you opt to cycle to and from work you might get all the daily exercise you need. Not everyone can bike to work of course, but you can do other things. Why not try walking your little one to and from daycare, instead of taking the car?
  5. Set yourself a personal goal. It will help with motivation to get you out there. You could sign up to do a 5km run or a half marathon, or even just decide you want to fit into your pre-baby clothes by a certain date.

Whatever way you decide to do it, getting out and getting active as a new mum will boost your mood, give you more energy and most importantly enable you to have some valuable time to yourself!

Do you have any personal tips for new mums who want to get active?

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