Disaster relief – big&small.

Eight long months of pregnancy has seen me reflect on many things. I now have an acute understanding of what’s meaningful in life, what’s real, what brings me joy and happiness. As I enter the world of parenthood, I’m preparing to be the ultimate warrior, kissing away the ache that comes from a scratched knee, a lost toy, a broken heart.

I watched in horror as Typhoon Haiyan tore through my mother’s homeland, devastating the lives of thousands and leaving a trail of damage and destruction in it’s wake. Thankfully, my family in the Philippines survived relatively unscathed, but my heart pours for those close to us who weren’t so blessed.

My baby won’t know the disaster that struck just weeks before she came into the world, but there will be many in her lifetime that I am simply unable to protect her from. Alone, we can’t kiss away the destruction caused by an event of this magnitude, but a very small gesture can mean a lot to one person.


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– Melissa Walker


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