This baby is ready to rock and roll… Oh and the toddler too ;)

Where oh where to start on this brilliant buggy?! There’s just so many amazing features! I guess I should start at the beginning…

When it first arrived, pulling it out of the box and assembly was a breeze! In not time at all we were up and running! Everything in incredibly straightforward and I was able to put it together even while entertaining two very curious little boys.

Taking the S4 for it’s first real cruise around the mall was a real eye-opener. I always knew my old double pram was difficult to push (there’s two children in there after all, and they’re not getting any lighter) but the S4 was just so, so, SO smooth! It was as though I was only pushing one child, and a small one at that! I could push it around easily with only one hand and inclines were no longer a major exercise unlike before where they would leave me puffed! And I am yet to find a single doorway, aisle or checkout I can’t fit through. Every shop we’ve been to it can glide and weave in between all the displays as easy as an umbrella stroller could.

And it really looks gorgeous! The large red sun canopy not only looks lovely and really striking because of it’s colour, but it also gives a great amount of coverage. At some angles the back seat being in the sun is an issue, but nothing that the double sun shade wouldn’t sort right out :). It also has a HUGE viewing window at the top, so I can see immediately what my toddler in the top is up to, instead of having to peer through a tiny little window like with out previous pram.
Not only does it look incredible, all the fabric wipes clean! My toddler had accident with a snack (as they all do at some point) and it just wiped straight off!! Our old pram would hold onto marks for dear life and constantly called for hard scrubbing, but not the S4! He also popped a water bottle into the bottom tray without closing the lid fully, and although it made it like a little swimming pool down there, it just tipped straight out. A quick wipe over and it was as though it had never happened! With our old pram it would have probably warranted a weeks downtime just to dry it out!

Another huge feature for us was the adjustable handle height. There is a LOT of height between myself and my partner, so being able to change the height for pushing was TRULY priceless. No more sore backs from having to reach up too high for me, or very low for him.

I’ve always heard parents concerns about whether 3 wheels prams are stable enough, and I can tell you that the S4 certainly is! Whether we’re using just the front seat, or the toddler has hopped out for a walk leaving just the babe in the back seat, or Mr 2 is flipping around trying to see and chat to his brother, never have I been given any reason to be concerned about it tipping, it always stays very steady.

I also love the phil&teds harnesses. They are a large and easy to pop together design, even if the child doesn’t really want to be in the pram that day and is fighting you every step of the way (yep, it happens sometimes!). Plus the guard all around the clip, and especially at the back, means I have never pinched my fingers unlike with our previous pram (which has claimed a piece of finger or two, or seven!) and more importantly protects from belly pinches!

It’s also so easy to fold up! It takes a couple of time to practice, but after a couple tries I can now have it folded (with wheels detached too) and back in the boot, by the time my partner clips both boys into their seats! I love the handle under the seat when folding it. A lot of prams you can get lost on where to put your hands (and suffer the dreaded pinched hand from the pram) but with the S4 I know exactly where my hands should go. Then as soon as I hear the click I know it’s all locked back up again and that’s all there is too it. I can tell you I’ve had our old large double pram unfold on me far too many times when I’ve been sleep deprived and forgotten a clip here or there!

Which brings me to how small of a space it really does fit in to. We have a tiny Yaris for everyday zipping around, but never had a chance of fitting our previous double pram in (not without leaving something crucial, like a child or two behind 😉 ). But with the S4 it’s as easy as popping off the back seat (two easy push pins), popping off the back wheels (again a push pin each) and putting it straight in! And I can still fit in a large and small nappy bag in with it to top it off!!
I have also double jointed fingers, so a lot of buttons or push pins can be quite difficult for me, but I had no problem at all with the S4’s push pins which is fantastic.

My only issue the ENTIRE time was with the foot brake. It was a bit difficult to get to unlock once it was on. BUT going on was easy, and it held the pram more securely in the one place than any other prams brake that I’ve seen. Even with both boys sitting in the pram AND wiggling about, it wasn’t going anywhere!! So I’m not concerned, it may get a bit easier to take off as time goes on, as with all things that are new, but I would much rather it be hard to get off and hold the pram securely than too easy to take off and the pram still be moving regardless of the brake being on.

The S4 has truly revolutionised getting out and about for us. It’s easy to become reluctant to go out when using large, clunky, difficult prams or when going out solo. But since getting the S4 we’ve been out and about, and to more events in the last couple weeks than we had been in the whole year previous!!

– Angela Smith


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