2013 Movember meMOries!

Here at phil&teds we like nothing more than to get behind a hairy man and a good cause! That’s why Movember has always been a great fit for our company. This year to keep things interesting we decided to up the anti. This year we wanted someone to shave their head! And so Julian, a particularly hairy character noted for his enviable flowing locks was in the firing line. Wagers had been made been made and Julian had been coerced into making a pledge by his twelve merry Mo’members. Julian swore to his Mo’Bros and Mo’Sistas that if we raised $1000 he would shave his head at the end of Movember – and shave his head he did!

Our  Movember members managed to make $1655 by growing out their face caterpillars. Did the prospect of watching Julian loose his locks help our fundraising efforts? Perhaps……but the target was met and Julian wasn’t leaving our Movember rap party with the hair on his head. You’ll see from our storyboard below that a blunt scissors, beer and unqualified women can make one man’s journey to baldness a lot harder….

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Julian’s long goodbye…..



 We take our  hats off to Julian –  cause now he needs some!

Obviously all our Mo’ members are winners , but some moustaches deserved a mention! Below is the mugs of our Mo award winners, they boys picked up awards for things like Worst Mo, Best Mo, Best MOney raiser and Mo that looks most like a Pedro Mo.….but can you tell who one won what?


winning mo's

Thanks again for another a great year team – we salute you and your moustaches!



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