My guilty pleasure…

Boxing Day… the day after Christmas,  traditionally (or so I’ve been told) the day for tradesmen to collect their Christmas boxes or gifts in return for good and reliable service throughout the year. For me, the day to be overwhelmed by all the deals and sales that flood the local stores, and be frustrated at all the money I spent on the children’s Christmas presents before Christmas only to realise they are all half price on Boxing Day…

My family spends Boxing Day recovering from all the food and drink consumed the day before, we have guests often popping in for a snack and a drink – lunch is usually a ‘left overs’ buffet full of Christmas ham and of course mince pies with the odd fire cracker being popped in hope of just one more present hidden inside!

The traditional Boxing Day included giving money and other gifts to charitable institutions, needy individuals and people in service jobs. But it seems now that times are a-changing.  And I must admit, I do love to take part in the new Boxing Day ‘sport’ that has recently emerged, SHOPPING! What was once a day of relaxation, reflection, and family time – is now full of bargain hunters who flock to the annual shopping event! Hundreds hit the streets and queue in the chaos for hours, all for the chance to snap up the best deal possible.


My guilty pleasure – I do it from home. I jump into the online world of festive fun, snap up some of the best deals, return unwanted gifts and the best part is I do not have to leave the couch – or the ham buffet! Many of my friends and family have now decided to take advantage of plummeting prices from the comfort of their own homes. There is no queuing for the changing room or fighting over the last item. I always do my research before Boxing Day sales; check out the websites I know I like and products to keep an eye out for. I even save links to my computer so that the deals are at my fingertips when the time comes. I can load my online ‘basket’ instead of walking around a retail store with eight different items overflowing out of my arms. Online shopping reduces the tendency to just grab anything in sight, because it’s on sale – I must have it!! Doesn’t mean I need it. It’s certainly not a bargain if it is kept in the cupboard for the next six months.

I simply sit back and shop, the children are occupied with their new Christmas toys; I am occupied with my laptop and ham. We all know you impulse buy when hungry. No crowds, no queues, no bodily contact with other shoppers. And in this relaxed state, I am likely to spend less online too.


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