2014 and a few simple family resolutions…

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We may be well into the new year, however we think it’s never too late to change a bad habit or set a new goal! This year we decided to take a family approach to the typical New Years resolution making scenario. We came up with a set of goals we can work on throughout the year to help us adapt&survive this crazy world of parenting. In the midst of life and family chaos it’s easy to forget the little things, so this year we are making a conscious effort to try a bit harder…

As a family we will endeavour to:

1 – Be kinder to each other

2 – Be helpful (rather than painful!)

3 – Encourage and support each other more

4 – Make an effort to get out in the fresh air as often as possible, sunny or not…(any excuse to use the  buggy + covers!)

5 – Save for a family holiday/vacation. To visit and experience a place we have never been to before

6 – Be more grateful and appreciative

7 – Eat for nutrition, health and well being – and to bin that junk!

8 – Play more!

9 – To celebrate the victories… no matter how small they may seem (Just think “good times” and plenty of them)

10 – Be Happy – laugh and definitely smile more!

It’s quite funny, while compiling this list we ended up in an argument, not talking to each other, moody and grumpy. A few things were scratched immediately like “we will be more tidy, and pick up after ourselves” because I know that will NEVER happen! It did however give me a snapshot of exactly where we all stand and where there’s room for improvement. We’ll see how we get on, surely it can only get better from here, right?! It’s nice to have something to aspire too. Hopefully some of these new habits and attitudes will stick, in any case I’m sure it will be an entertaining journey none the less!

What have you or your family resolved to do this year? How are you getting on so far? I would love to hear your ideas, thoughts or tips!! Be sure to leave us a comment…don’t be shy now 🙂 Best wishes for 2014… I think it’ll be a cracker!!



About the author:

Casey is the mother of a 9 year old daughter and a gorgeous but clingy 20 month old boy. I have enough buggy pushing, nappy changing, tantrum throwing, parent wins (and some fails) experience behind me to write a book and make a movie! I am all about the blogging life and sharing the parental journey from the mad world of phil&teds. Let's navigate this journey together! I would love to hear your thoughts and tips so feel free to leave a comment or flick through an email to [email protected]

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