Fun in the sun – water play!

It’s summer here in NZ at the moment, although you would hardly notice with all the rain, wind and cooler temperatures we have received recently. But when the sun decides to shine you have to escape the nursery and get amongst it! After enjoying a tasty breakfast with the family and a morning stroller walk, we decided to make the most of the stunning day by staying outdoors and setting up some water play activities for the kids. Water play for toddlers stimulates the senses and teaches them all kinds of things including interaction, communication and even helps to build imagination – but most of all it’s a whole lot of family fun! You don’t need much to make your own water fun park in your very own back yard or outside space at all. With safety and supervision for the kids the number one priority, we got to it and set up a water slide with built in sprinkler and made good use of an old baby bath. We threw in a few bath and beach toys as well as some colourful plastic cups and containers for pouring water. Armed with sun hats and a tonne of sunscreen, we were good to go! The best part is joining in with the kids and seeing the excitement and joy on their faces as they splash and learn. So easy, it provides hours of entertainment, education, laughter and helps to create some pretty awesome family memories.


Do your little ones enjoy playing with water? Can you share any outdoor water/sensory play ideas you have tried with your little ones that other parents might find useful? 

water play




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