hmmm the smart stroller…

Hi, my name is Michelle and I am a pramaholic.

I am new to blogging, I had to look it up when the idea was first put to me!

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Sooooo…..the philandteds smart stroller….my latest pram love. As soon as I saw it I had to have it! I pram stalked a poor lady till I worked out what it was and started Google-ing. I ordered my smart stroller v1 on the phil&teds webshop. It arrived by courier and I promptly purchased a pink and a blue cushy ride liner, the smart storm cover and verso adapters (so you can reverse the seat and have baby facing you). The very next week I ordered a unity capsule travel system, which allows the capsule to be fitted to the stroller frame. I happily used my very cool looking pram for a few months.

As I really didn’t have enough to do, I decided to join a pram lovers website online.  This is where I first discovered the additional bright new coloured seats and the new model smart stroller the v2.

Hubby being helpful, loaded the kids into the car one day and took out the pram frame. He put it next to the car, shut the boot, promptly forgot what he had just done (you can see where this is going right?!)  and backed the car down the driveway. CRUNCH!!!….yep!! I didn’t really care about the brand new 58 thousand dollar Tarago…MY PRAM!

Poor hubby! Lucky for him the parts and bits are easy to replace and can be purchased via the phil&teds webshop. He ordered new wheels and mud guards and fixed it up – good as new. The same week our little pram rider moved on and so I decided to sell the smart stroller and the unity capsule, rather than store it and have it damaged again.

Then the phone rang and we received news that a little princess is going to join us.  Perfect excuse for a new pram!  Knowing the smart stroller is available in hot pink, I just had to have it. Pink baby, pink pram (got to get my pink on where ever you can in the house of boy!)

The black frame, black seat, hot pink seat, hot pink cushy ride liner, black cushy ride liner & hot pink hooded smart stroller V2 joined our family along with a perfect little pink princess to ride in it.

Little princess moves on to her forever family and I sell all the ‘pink bits’ on my local face book baby page (about 10 people now have a smart stroller as I recommend them a lot).  I start looking at the p&t website thinking I will grab an orange hood and orange cushy ride for next time, as it’s universal and looks great with the black frame. Tossing up if I neeeeed the mesh seat (definitely a need, not a want lol)

Just so happens the ad for the brand new smart lux stroller is the first thing I see. Looks like I will be getting a new stroller!!! I am looking forward to the new smart lux, I don’t have a pram rider in my house at the moment, just one grandson who I mind one day a week.  So naturally of course I needed to email phil&teds and find out when it will be available for purchase!

I am also searching for a second hand promenade so I can have a play, I really wish this was out when my twins were little. And so my pram addiction continues…….


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About the author:

Hi, my name is Michelle and I am a pramaholic. I have been a pram pusher for 28 years, with a few years off between kids, grand kids and foster kids. I have four adult children ( I often forget they are in their 20's and refer to them as teenagers, which doesn't go down well), 5 adorable grand-babies, and currently have twin boys and one other little man in my care. I have a very patient and indulgent husband and to top off our family we have two free-range rabbits (affectionately known as mummy and daddy) who were both males when we got them (thanks DIL) and three years later had babies, they have been breeding like rabbits ever since. Our family are foster cares and I am passionate about what we do..