Need spare parts? How to identify your stroller!

phil&teds have been in the nursery industry for a little while now.

Which means there is old or legacy product and spare parts still in use all over the globe.

How do you identify what model of buggy or stroller you own and how do you easily find the right spare parts to fit so you can adapt&survive this parenting world?

phil&teds are always looking to improve the performance and experience of their buggies/strollers/ spare parts for you, our amazing friends! Which is why they make tweaks and changes to these strollers and products over time. Making sure they adhere to the newest safety standards and regulations that constantly change, and differ in almost every market.

phil and teds help deskWe love hearing your voice!

Customer feedback is valuable and essential to driving positive product change and development. Did you know spare parts and accessories are available for purchase online?  These parts are available to ensure you can keep on escaping the nursery prison, no matter which phil&teds stroller you own, should you run in to a spot of bother. If you are in need of spare parts be sure to visit the phil&teds webshop.

How to find a specific buggy’s spare parts

If you head to the Buy Parts section on the webshop, in the left hand menu, all of the buggy models are listed. Simply click on the model you own and the available parts will be displayed for you to purchase. If you’re unsure what model you own, there is a tool that will help you identify what you have. I bet you didn’t even know it was there! Click the “help me identify my product” button on the buy parts page. Just look for the life saver icon. Follow the visual prompts, clicking through until the name, image and description of your product is displayed – super easy and quick! Once you know the buggy or product you own, you will be able to find the spare parts or accessories you need.

stroller spare partsThings to look out for if you have a second hand phil&teds buggy

When purchasing and using a second hand buggy make sure you know what you are buying. The previous owners may have modified the buggy, damaged irreplaceable parts or essential components for the safe use of the buggy could be missing. If in doubt make sure you check it out thoroughly, compromised child safety is not worth the risk. Make sure you do your homework, and that the parts you need to maintain the buggy are available. Where a specific part is no longer available a new similar part that offers the same functionality may be suggested to keep you on the move! If you have purchased second hand and don’t have any instructions, or maybe you have misplaced your personal copy, there is a full comprehensive list of instruction guides  under the support section on our website, for your reference.

Have any questions?

Head to our “ask us” page also under the support section of the p&t website. The phil&teds way of thinking is that if you have a question, chances are someone else has had the same question so there are a bunch of common Q&A’s for your reference. A great resource full of helpful information, right at your fingertips!

It’s a tough life for a buggy! Make sure you show it some tender love n care… BUY PARTS NOW 

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