Destruction comes, an opportunity to help!

Buggies for Good and phil&teds heads help Wellington families in need!

It’s a fear we all have, that one day a hostile fire could destroy all of our possessions, our home and our sentimental treasures.  But what happens when all of our ‘stuff’ that allows you to function on a daily basis has gone up in flames… disintegrated into dust, you’d be left gutted, empty and saddened.

Two families experienced this devastating fate a few weeks back. When phil&teds head, Adzrina, came into work and shared this tragic story with all of us, we couldn’t not help!  Luckily, our ‘Buggies for Good’ programme allows us to support all sorts of situations, communities and families – this was more than a deserving case.

Read Adzrina’s email to our phil&teds heads:

‘There were two families living in the one house, both young families of which I know very well. Both families are now left with absolutely nothing but the clothes on their back’s… They barely escaped with only minutes to spare.

There are 2 young bubs, one belonged in each family (one is about 9 months and the other one is about 19 months) were also affected, both have lost everything. A young, honest, kiwi family- really good, genuine people.

I wanted to extend my deep sadness for them to my phil&teds family and would like to make a shout out to all, and see if there’s a way at all we could help. If you have a surplus at home, some essentials that you may no longer need, for the parents, for the babies….anything at all and would like to kindly donate to the families. I will ensure that they will receive it as soon as possible.’

With this request, phil&teds heads and ‘Buggies for Good’ sprang into action. With this combined effort and generous spirit we were able to give clothes, nappies, storm & sun covers, a traveller, a metoo, kitchen essentials, bedroom furniture, books, toys, lounge furniture, a Mountain Buggy terrain stroller, phil&teds car seat; plus other bits & bobs. We even raised some money to contribute towards these families starting over, rebuilding their lives. We’re so glad to have helped these families out! This is what our phil&thropic programmes are all about.  What’s more, this is what being a phil&teds head is all about – the gene that runs throughout us all is that we care!



       Image via Dominion Post &

phil&teds donated goods .jpg

                      A snapshot of some of the donated items from the phil&teds crew


           Pictured: Katie & Corbin, Seqoia enjoys her p&t traveller with a gorgeous smile!

Karauna & Phil

Best wishes, from all of us here at phil&teds!

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