Happy Easter! Family Fun Easter Activities

With Easter just around the corner we thought we would put together some family fun Easter activity ideas for you to try out, to keep everyone happy & smiling over the break – aside from all the chocolate and toasted hot cross buns with real butter of course!

Head outdoors! Get the family moving and involved in a game or two. A favourite with our kids and their friends is a game called “rob the nest” for the rules on the game head here. It’s fun and exciting and will burn lot’s of energy (and calories from all of those Easter goodies & treats). You could even organise a good old fashioned egg + spoon race or an egg toss! Messy and mucky can be all part of the fun, but if you are worried about any mess or food wastage, you can hard boil the eggs first.

Create your own Easter egg or treasure hunt. This can be as simple or elaborate as you like depending on the age of the children. But the more us parents get into it, the more the kids will enjoy it. This can be done any number of ways – but the most fun hunts I remember as a child were the ones that included a map and clues! Answering riddles, pacing the right number of steps, with each solved clue getting closer to the treasure. The anticipation would be so exciting! For younger ones the more traditional hunt of hiding eggs or treats around the garden or house for them to discover and collect can be super fun as well. Get them to make and decorate their own easter basket and you have 2 excellent activities in one.

Make time for a long stroll through your favourite park or playground. Pack the buggy or stroller along with some lunch or snacks and make a day of it – hours of free fun! You could even organise a scavenger hunt while you are out. All you need is a notepad and pencil. Before you begin your journey, note down a list of 10 items for your children to find. Then along your walk the children can tick things off the list as they discover them. Depending on where you are, you can tailor the list to the environment. They could find different types of trees, leaves, flowers even feathers or insects. At the beach? What about different types of shells, sea creatures or washed up items? It’s a great way to get some conversations going, and the kids will love trying to find all of the items.

Be sure to check out any local events going down in your neighbourhood. There is bound to be something entertaining happening in your community that you and your family can get involved in – so get amongst it!

Let Pinterest be your guide… If the weather isn’t too flash and you get trapped inside, pinterest is packed with inspiring crafts recipes and ideas. Be sure to follow us on pinterest (if you aren’t already) & check out our board “Let’s get crafty” for our favourite pins to keep the little ones busy.

Happy Easter from the phil&teds crew! How will you and your family be spending Easter? Do you have any family fun Easter activity ideas you could share?



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