Silver Fern Joline Henry puts phil&teds nav to the test!

phil&teds nav debrief…

So I have had the pleasure of strolling around with the new phil&teds nav with auto stop this last month, and could not be happier…apart from the bit where it took me nearly 15 minutes to fold it down after travelling because I didn’t read the instructions properly 🙂

Son and I enjoy walking to daycare every morning (weather permitting) and often I will take him to the running track with me. Now we all know how uncomfortable some running sessions can be, and some prams can make getting to the track even more so! Not so with the phil&teds nav. Even though the wheels are relatively small in comparison to some, they make for a really smooth ride. The snug, upright and tall main seat makes for a better ride for Te Aihireinga also. He can see a lot more, and I’m not so concerned about all the bumps and jolts that I’m subjecting him too!

The other major benefit is the phil&teds nav’s auto stop feature. I honestly did not think it would make that much of a difference, but it has made things so much easier. Crossing roads and going down hills might not seem like potential safety hazards, but let me tell you, they sure can be. Great mechanism, which sets it apart from the rest.



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