The loom craze has taken over!

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Rainbow loom, Fun loom, Crazy Loom it seems looming is all the rage with the kids at the moment. The looming trend has hit our household big time! Yes, I am guilty of wearing my fabulously hand crafted loom bracelet everywhere, every time I need to escape the nursery and head out (my eight year old makes sure of it!).  If you have older school aged children you will probably already be familiar with this crafting hobby that has exploded in popularity recently. It consists of a kit with a plastic frame with pegs, a crochet type hook and it works by weaving tiny little colourful rubber bands together to make bracelets, charms and all kinds of accessories. The bands themselves come in a huge array of different varieties like glitter bands, glow in the dark bands, two tone, tie dyed, fluro and natural colours – it’s pretty amazing! I have to say I am a bit of a fan.

It’s creative! The combinations of colours, patterns and accessories you can make are endless. Children select the different designs they want to make, choosing specific colours and then weave them using different techniques to make special keepsakes. It really keeps them occupied. Our eldest usually gets bored easily and loses interest fast, but to our surprise she has really taken to looming and will often start and complete a project after her homework is finished. There are all kinds of tutorials online or on youtube that you can watch step by step to help you complete your project.

It teaches children to have a goal, work towards it and problem solve. They have to follow instructions and directions carefully and it does take some patience and a bit of skill. They also have to persist and stay motivated to complete their project. Seeing this kind of concentration and determination to get it right as a parent is astounding and impressive. The excitement and satisfaction on their faces once a project is completed is priceless. Sometimes the little bands will break and it may not go to plan but they will learn to adapt&survive and start over. They won’t be able to wait and see what they can create next time!

They will have to be organized. These little tiny bands are easily mixed up and messed up. To keep these from getting out of control we have the different types of bands, loom kit and tools all sorted into large separate zip-lock bags. That way they can’t easily be spilled but they are still easy to get to. It’s actually worked really well, and when it comes time to pack up and tidy everything away it’s relatively no fuss – which we love. Apart from the odd band here or there.

It’s a super idea for a party! A fun activity that will keep everyone entertained. Our daughter went to a loom themed birthday party and it was a hit with all the guests. The hosts selected a specific bracelet and all the children were shown how to make it. Then happily they set to work, busy looming and helping eachother out. The best part? They got to keep their creations, a great reminder of the party.

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What do you think of the loom craze? Do your children like to loom? Share your experience with us!

About the author:

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