All smiles for the alpha infant car seat!

Introducing Kris, this weeks guest blogger – first time mama to 8 month old Miles. They have kindly shared their review of the phil&teds alpha infant car seat to help our fellow parents adapt&survive  and escape the nursery prison. Miles gives his smiley seal of approval, check out those gorgeous sparkly baby blues!

When we first started considering which car seat would be the best for our first-born, like any parent safety was my foremost consideration. Phil&Ted’s international reputation for innovation and safety was appealing and the Alpha met many of my other requirements – compact, lightweight, easy to use, versatile and it had to look great!

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It was really easy to set up for use the first time – there aren’t too many moving parts! We just had to adjust the height of the shoulder straps to suit Baby. This was really easy, (I don’t even think we looked at the instructions to figure out how to do it,) and all the bits are at the back, underneath the car seat so there’s no risk of any accidental adjustments being made and Baby’s comfort is optimized. As baby has grown we have continued to adjust the shoulder straps, ensuring he remains in the correct position for his comfort and safety.

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The 5 point safety harness keeps Baby secure and my mind at ease, knowing that he cannot remove himself, (should he suddenly develop the skills and strength to squeeze the button), and the straps are easily tightened to hold its cargo firmly in place. The seat liner, with its extra padding around the head, kept my newborn baby extra cosy and as he grew stronger (and less compliant) it was easy to remove the liner to make him more comfortable in his car seat. At 8 months old he is still in the Alpha, and the other day as I was carrying the Alpha from the car with sleeping baby in tow, a friend in my mother’s group commented at how handy it must be as she stood outside her car debating whether to wake her sleeping daughter by getting her out of the new car seat they had to purchase as their baby had outgrown their infant car seat so fast.

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Life with a baby and a life of spontaneity; being able to leave the house at a moment’s notice, do not go hand in hand. This is where the Alpha’s base comes in handy. We purchased two Bases, one for each of our cars, and it is so fast and easy to just click Baby in and go. It was one of the best purchases we made to make life that little bit easier. The Universal Base is really easy to fit into the car using the seatbelt, and once it’s in, it’s in! The extendable leg makes the Alpha feel really stable when it’s in position and the base doesn’t take up too much room in the backseat which is handy in a small car like mine.

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Another thing which has been really useful is the travel system which allows me to attach the Alpha to our stroller. In the early days this was great as I didn’t have to transfer Baby from the car seat to the stroller seat as he was happy to stay where he was. Now that he is a bit older he prefers being in the stroller seat if we are out and about, but I still carry the car seat adaptor with me in the nappy bag just in case he is asleep when we arrive at our destination – no need to wake him; I just click the Alpha onto the stroller and we are off!

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I also really like the size and weight of the Alpha car seat. The seat itself is really light and it looks much more compact than some of the car seats I see other mums lugging around. The adjustable carry handle is comfortable in your hand and the fact that there are multiple positions makes carrying such an awkward piece of equipment feel that much less awkward. My partner’s favourite thing about the Alpha is that “it can click into s**t”, so I guess we both appreciate the versatility, adaptability and user-friendly qualities of the Alpha car seat!
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