The poppy + pinterest = good times!

I always see so many great ideas on pinterest that I would “one day” love to try, but I just never have the time. I have a habit of pinning projects and then never actually trying them out. Does anyone else out there feel my pain? Well this week I decided to take those pins so desperately longing to become real life projects and actually DO them. Can you believe I managed to knock out four of them?! Okay, okay so they weren’t exactly the most challenging projects out there, but there is something so satisfying about saying “I made that and it works!”. Working from home during the week presents some interesting challenges especially when it comes to my adventurous toddler. I wanted to make some activities which were low cost, easy & quick to put together, but highly engaging and educational. A bunch of sensory activities I can keep on hand and set up like an activity station for the lil fella. Light bulb moment, enter the phil&teds poppy! I’m a sucker for adaptability and functionality, I love products that can do more than one thing or that you can use in a variety of ways. The poppy highchair works great as an activity center. With a large, generous tray it is just the right size for this kind of play. We used the poppy in the low position, which is a nice height if you want to park them up next to you while you’re on the couch so you can keep a close eye on them. The passive harness system kept our toddler secure, but his arms were free to move and explore.

p&t poppy discovery bottles.jpg

The four projects planned, included Discovery Bottles, Squishy Bags (don’t let the name put you off), Thread the Colander & finally Sort & Stack…and a fifth mystery game that we created on our own called throw everything on the floor! Instructions for these activities can be found on the world wide web or on our pinterest board let’s get crafty. Out of all of them the colander activity was the favourite of the bunch. He likes to pull things apart and put them back together which is why he liked threading the pipe-cleaners and feathers through the holes. He looked like a mad scientist trying to make the colander spring to life with all the pipe cleaners (which looked wires) coming out of it.

p&t poppy - pipe cleaner threading.jpg

He didn’t much care for the squishy bag, but I did. I found it quite therapeutic and stress relieving, although you wouldn’t want to squeeze it too hard or puncture the zip lock bag. That wouldn’t be fun. A friendly word of caution phil&teds parents go gently when playing with the squishy bag.

p&t poppy - squidgy bag.jpg

All of them were a success and coming in at 20 bucks NZ for all the supplies while recycling the rest, that’s 5 dollars an activity! Winning! The budget could of been drastically reduced by cutting the amount of glitter…but everyone loves a bit of sparkle. It was hard not to to buy it all. We had a tonne of supplies left over too, ready for some more projects, should I be struck with such enthusiasm to give it another go. A bonus? All of these activities can be stored inside the colander as well, ready to reach for any time, an activity and a nifty storage solution.

p&t poppy - sorting .jpg

We finished our play session in the best way you can really, with a cupcake. Even though the cupcake ended up crushed into the tray, icing and sprinkles everywhere, the tray and aerocore seat are super easy to wipe clean. It made the whole experience that much better. Having used other types of high chairs with traditional harness systems, I found when in the poppy he didn’t have that urge to want to wriggle and try to struggle his way out. He was comfortable and happy to sit, play and eat. Which meant good times for both of us!

p&t poppy - cupcake time.jpg

What pinterest projects or sensory activities have you tried with your toddler? Share your ideas!


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