Lux Light Festival 2014

Wellington was recently treated to an array of light installations set up along the waterfront and some stunning light displays in the heart of the city. The lux light festival took place from the 22 – 31 Aug 2014. A great atmosphere for families to enjoy the dazzling show with glow in the dark face painting, dancing light fairies and interactive exhibits – we had to make a trip to see it for ourselves, the stroller of choice for the night? smart lux!

Smart lux lights 5.jpg

Knowing we would be braving the chilly night air, especially along the waterfront we rugged up in jackets and beanies. Although the boys favourite game at the moment is called drop the hat from the stroller which is why in some pics he is happily wearing it and others it appears in the parcel tray, there is only so much of that game one can tolerate thank goodness for parcel trays! He also got to stroll in luxury and style comfy in the snuggle&snooze sleeping bag (footmuff). It was easy to fit to the smart lux stroller and was just a matter of threading the straps through the right holes, only taking a few minutes. It has a two way zip which makes it convenient to attach the liner first and then once baby is strapped in you can reattach the front half to keep them toasty and warm. You have the option of folding the top down and doming it in place if they want to keep their arms free, or you can zip it all the way up. The top is shaped like a hooded jacket for extra shelter and they look pretty darn cute with just their lil faces poking out.

Smart lux lights collage 7.jpg

All kitted up, map in hand we started along the light walk trail. We had planned to go during the week thinking there would be less of a crowd, but it was still a flutter of activity. People everywhere taking photo’s and scuttling along to each exhibit almost in groups. There was no need to stress though with the smart lux, it was easy to negotiate crowds and paths all we were worried about was getting to see what was up ahead, the kids were pretty excited and there was so much going on it was hard know what to look at. That being said I did have concerns that our little man may get overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle and bright flashing lights. I was also worried that walking at night, something we don’t do too often may have thrown a spanner in the works. As we started on the trail I had him positioned in parent facing mode. That way he could see me, just for that added security. A pretty handy feature of the smart lux! He was also pretty sleepy so I didn’t want to alarm him by having him facing out straight away with all the glare from the lights.

Smart Lux Lights Collage 3.jpg

As we progressed and he got used to the noise and activity we let him have a bit of a run around the playground which had a glow in the dark climbing frame, the kids flocked to it like a moth to a flame. For the remainder of the journey we flipped the seat around so he could be forward facing which resulted in heaps of “oooohs” and “ahhhhhhs” with each stop we made. At one stage amongst a large quiet crowd admiring the artwork high up on the building wall we got a loud “woah” from the passenger, much to everyone’s amusement and delight. He was clearly having a great time.

smart lux fest 1 Collage.jpg

The light show also wound it’s way through the main vein of the city which meant going up and down footpath kerbs over speed bumps and narrow alleyways as strangers politely tried to squish and shuffle their way passed. Using a large all terrain style stroller may have meant you would of had to take a different path in some areas resulting in missing some exhibits. But the size of the smart lux meant negotiating these obstacles was no problem at all. Had the lil guy have nodded off during the walk he would of had the coziest bed on wheels with the lie flat mode option. Light show over, stroller packed in the boot with ease, our worn out kids were happy to hit the hay when we arrived home.

Smart Lux Lights 6.jpg

Smart Lux Lights Collage 2.jpg

Did you visit this years light show in Wellington NZ? What was your favourite installation?

We would love to see pics of your family with your phil&teds stroller visiting any light shows in your part of the world. Share your adventures!

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