metro carrier helps family adapt&survive!

Busy Mum Melissa takes some time to share her feedback and family’s experience with the phil&teds metro carrier:

Yes, I love my phil&teds metro backpack carrier. I have tried using a Mac Pac backpack and a Kathmandu one. But the shoulder straps are far more comfortable on my metro. My partner is really tall and I am short, but it takes less than 20 seconds to adjust the straps to the correct height, depending on who is using it. The base loading technology is great especially when you need to take the pack off when you’re out and about. It has just enough room to pack in a spare change of clothes/food/drink etc. The metro can easily be packed for a day at the beach and when James is tired of walking he can just hop in. The sun shade is protective in the summer and helps shield against the wind and rain in winter.

I use my metro carrier almost daily as we live on a farm. It is really handy when you have to shift stock, put up fences, feed out and do jobs that you need two hands for. When James was younger I pruned our Feijoa orchard with him in the pack. We recently went on an overseas trip to Europe and Canada. It was helpful to have on hand at the airport and could fit in the overhead locker on the plane with ease. We took it everywhere we went!  At the suspension bridge park in Canada it was particularly handy as pushchairs were not allowed. It would have been a long way to carry him!

It must be comfortable for James as he loves getting in it. He will go and get the metro whenever he wants to go outside! He prefers it to the pushchair as he is up high and gets a better view. Thanks for making a great product.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the metro carrier Melissa and for the adventurous pics. We are delighted to hear how it helps you adapt&survive daily life on the farm and on your family travels. Keep on escaping that nursery prison!

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About the author:

Casey is the mother of a 9 year old daughter and a gorgeous but clingy 20 month old boy. I have enough buggy pushing, nappy changing, tantrum throwing, parent wins (and some fails) experience behind me to write a book and make a movie! I am all about the blogging life and sharing the parental journey from the mad world of phil&teds. Let's navigate this journey together! I would love to hear your thoughts and tips so feel free to leave a comment or flick through an email to [email protected]