Get Your Photos Off Your Phone!

We are living in the age of the smartphone, and my toddler tells me it can do just about anything – he already knows how to use it more than I do! Mobile phone photography or “cellphoneography” is on the rise, with the ability to capture and share any little moment and event that happens in your everyday life. Update friends and family in an instant with pics of what you + your lil one had for lunch or what your trendy toddler is wearing today, instagram is the app making it all possible. With the array of filters you can add to create atmosphere, and layouts to create interesting collages it is so easy to get caught up in the snap-happy moment, hashtagging your heart out. If you are on instagram do you ever wonder if your pics are wasted just hanging out in internet land? If you do, we have found some brilliant ideas that you can use those instagram piccies for…actually any special photo’s for that matter. Turn those precious memories into beautiful keepsakes and with Christmas just around the corner they could make quite a unique gift idea!

1# Use coin collecting pages for printed instagram snaps. As seen on the Mom Creative blog – we thought this idea was too cute and an awesome way to preserve those insta-memories!

instagram project.jpg


2# Little inspiration shows you how to make a d.i.y frame with wire and clips to display your instagram masterpieces. For full instructions head here

diy frame.jpg


#3 or give this display a try! All you need are your photos an old wooden ruler or two with wooden pegs glued in place to hold the pics in position. A great idea for a nursery or childs room and super easy to swap out the pics as your child grows.

instagram project 2.jpg

#4 This bulletin board is also a fun idea and isn’t as permanent as some of the instagram feature walls I have seen – that secretly I’m not brave enough to try. But it still has maximum effect and again can easily be changed or updated as the instagram account grows! It’s always autumn has some great instructions for completing this project.

instagram bulletin wall.jpg

#5 Finally Ann, one of our wonderful phil&teds bloggers shares her favourite way of preserving those instagram photos!

I am a photographer by profession, but sadly, most of the recent photos of my kids are on my cell phone and not from my real camera. I have been posting on Instagram the last couple years, and through a friend, learned about Chatbooks.  Chatbooks will print your Instagram feed into great little 6×6 books.  I love them!!

My kids love them too! We have had so much fun seeing two years worth of memories in brilliant little books.  I love how easy Chatbooks is to use (just download the Chatbooks app, available for both iphone and android).  In about 5 minutes, I ordered my first 7 volumes. It’s amazing value too, each book contains 60 photos and is $6 USD!  Even better, I am now subscribed, so every 60 photos in my Instagram account automatically makes a new book. (You get an email and have three days to preview and edit, but then it comes in the mail.  My volume 8 is on the way right now, can’t wait!)   My friends might be a little tired of me over-posting, or over sharing on social media but I enjoy documenting just our every day life and getting them printed.  It’s also easy to order additional volumes (Christmas present for Grandma?) or to make custom books.

Chatbooks are currently only available to ship to the USA, but international shipping is on their horizon.  I asked them to include New Zealand, Australia, and the UK to their priority list – so watch this space!

Since I am taking more cell phone photos, I’ve been trying to make sure they are the best they can be.  I feel like a little old lady on the tech side of things (my 11 year old niece knows how to use Instagram way better than I do!) but by paying attention to light and a couple basic phone settings, I’ve been happy with the pics I’ve been getting.  There are many tutorials on taking better cell phone photos on line, but here is a quick tip that you can try now.  On my phone (a Samsung s4), I shoot on the night setting a lot to better take advantage of the natural light. See how much clearer the image is when using this setting?

If you are in the USA and on Instagram, follow @chatbooks, get the app and get your photos off your phone! Be sure to follow #philandteds on Instagram too.

Let us know if you get around to trying any of these ideas out!


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About the author:

Prior to becoming a traveling opera wife and full-time mother, Ann Hinckley Stucki studied socio-cultural anthropology as an undergraduate and went on to receive her master’s degree in social work. She has worked in a variety of fields from health education, mental health/community/school social work, geriatrics, childbirth labor support, and disease prevention in Latin America. Her research pursuits have taken her from a Costa Rican/Nicaraguan border dispute to London, England to present graduate research at a Medical Anthropology conference. Additionally, she is an award-winning photographer and enjoys portrait work. She also teaches fire breathing. Brian Stucki has been singing professionally full-time for more than six years, taking his family on the road with him. He has sung with companies and orchestras from coast to coast and on three continents. Highlights include The Pearl Fishers with Seattle Opera, Così fan tutte with the New Israeli Opera, Haydn’s Creation, with Boston Baroque, The Barber of Seville with the Compaña Nacional de Mexico in Mexico City, and The Fall of the House of Usher with the Polish National Opera..