6 Must Have Travel Items!

Does the thought of travelling with tots in tow terrify you enough to want to cancel your plans and have a ‘staycation’ instead? Scrap that! phil&teds is all about helping parents adapt&survive, escaping that nursery prison to live a dynamic lifestyle with kids in the mix. With these Top 6 Travel products you will be wanting to book your next trip before you reach the bottom of this post. All this gear is travel friendly designed to help you adapt&survive on your journey!

1) traveller – Sleep is crucial for survival, but it can be quite difficult to achieve at the best of times let alone when you are travelling. Early mornings, rushing for flights, long delays and even longer nights can really take it out of your lil passengers. Give them a comfy and familiar place to nap once you’ve reached your destination – hotel, motel, holiday inn or even when visiting Gran’s house. The traveller is the only portable cot that is actually lighter than the baby. It comes with a self-inflating mattress and clips together in moments creating a safe space for baby to snooze. The mesh sides make it easy to keep an eye on your sleeping beauty and can also be zipped open for easy access. Globally safety certified for your peace of mind & your baby’s comfort. You can also use the traveller as a portable play-pen during the day, once their batteries have recharged from a good nights rest.

traveller_overview_hero.pngtraveller back.jpg2) nest™  (available to buy in NZL only) – If you have a brand new baby and want a sleep solution that is a bit more cozy, the nest should be at the top of your list. The award winning nest is a travel bassinet that packs flat into it’s own travel case, with extra storage for all of baby’s essential gear. Easy to assemble and weighing only 2.5kg the nest is portable and light, providing a snug & firm sleep surface for your little one. The soothing neutral colour of the nest will give your adventurer sweet dreams while you are staying at your home away from home.


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3) lobster – Once everyone is refreshed & rejuvenated from a good nights sleep, tucker will surely be the next thing on your mind. The lobster makes feeding time effortless. Dining out or eating in the lobster clamps onto the table or bench top and is fitted with a harness to keep your little diner safe & secure while they chow down. It comes with a removeable tray and wipes clean in seconds. It also folds down into it’s own carry case, making it easy to grab as you are heading out the hotel door.


lobster 1.jpg

 4) metro carrier – Planning on sightseeing or heading off the beaten non-stroller friendly path? A carrier should be an essential part of your travel kit. Click through to our carry category to see the full range here! Not only will your hands be free but your little explorer will get the best view. The metro also has an extra storage pocket for a few supplies like maps, a light jacket or some snacks for your happy campers. The straps are cushioned & supportive and the pack is height adjustable for Mum or Dad. This makes it easy to use, but really comfortable when you are exploring the city. A carrier is a great alternative when you can’t take your stroller with you, when you are stuck in the airport waiting for connecting flights or if you will be using public transport where space is limited.


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5) smart stroller – For those times when you need a single stroller to help lighten the load when venturing around town or visiting those ‘must-see’ tourist attractions – the smart is the smartest choice! The seat is constructed from aerocore which makes it easy to wipe clean – melted ice cream and sticky fingers are no match for the moulded seat. If you know heat will be a factor on your trip and you want to keep your little one cool while strolling the aerocore seat can also be swapped out with a mesh seat (purchased separately). The mesh seat is also water resistant and machine washable. The follow the sun hood will keep bubs shaded and is available in a range of colour options for the fashion conscious. The smart is super slim for tight city spaces, has a telescopic fold and is lightweight making it a great travel choice.



6) universal travel bag – If you just can’t be without your phil&teds inline stroller (we don’t blame you really), show it some TLC and make sure it is protected from any bumps & bruises, whether you are travelling by land, sea or air. The universal travel bag can be adjusted to fit any phil&teds stroller plus accessories like the double kit, pump & covers – everything you need all in one place. With heavy duty velcro fastenings your gear will stay secure and the sturdy travel bag wheels will mean you are ready to roll upon arrival. The travel bag can be folded up small and tucked away when not in use, ready for your next journey.


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What is your ‘must have’ phil&teds travel item? Let us know! Don’t forget to follow and share your @phil&teds adventures on instagram – so we can see all of the amazing places you have visited with your family in tow!

smart stroller – simple, flexible and comfy!

metro carrier helps family adapt&survive!

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