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Introducing James, Jess & Rocket a.k.a the mothership bloggers.

Last Thursday here in the phil&teds office Newtown, Wellington the mothership blogging family surprised us with a special visit! What makes this visit so special you maybe wondering? This family have been sailing the world, adapting&surviving as they go and living a dynamic lifestyle with gorgeous toddler Rocket in tow. With a background in Art & Architecture, and a keen interest in travel Jess & husband James have also been blogging about their epic adventures and documenting their journey via the water log. They are currently road tripping around New Zealand as they eagerly await their new arrival to join the family. We were lucky enough to meet and greet the wonderful mothership bloggers, and give them a behind the scenes peek and tour of the phil&teds office so they could see for themselves where all the phil&teds magic happens. We settled with freshly brewed coffee in hand ready to chat about their amazing adventures and wonderful journey thus far.

Meeting a few of the p&t crew

“So…how do you raise a child on a sailboat?” was the very first question that came to mind once the conversation started flowing. We discovered that Jess & James had asked themselves this very same question once they realised they were expecting. But what better way to accomplish this, than by simply doing. They are both so confident in their approach to life, parenting and ‘making it up’ as they go that it’s hard not to want to sell up on the spot, trade in the office job for a life of adventure on the high seas and sail along with them! As the conversation progressed we learnt that they have encountered many other families on a similar journey which was really surprising to hear, there is a real ‘boat family community’ trading tips and knowledge and offering support to each other. Which we could imagine would be welcomed with open arms on those often isolating long passages and crossings or once arriving at a whole new unfamiliar destination. Getting to meet their little super star, 2yr old Rocket, we can see sailing around the world totally agrees with them and what a way to escape the nursery prison. Full of curiosity and wonder, Rocket set to exploring her new surroundings as we carried on discussing the daily realities of boat life.

Rocket testing the phil&teds slide

Jess explained to us that by living on a boat, especially with a family, you become really conscious of the environmental impact of daily life. They have to take into consideration everything they use and consume, and they take precautions to ensure they don’t carry extra ‘stuff’, keeping to the essentials and only taking what they really need on board. Jess talked us through how our phil&teds products help their boat family do just that. For a curious toddler, a sailing boat is stimulating and exciting environment. However the running, maintenance & safety of living on a sailing boat is tough, hard work. Jess & James need quality, reliable products that allow them to focus on sailing tasks, whilst having peace of mind that Rocket is safe & secure. Two products in particular that have really performed well under these unique conditions, includes the phil&teds lobster portable high chair and the traveller portable cot. Rocket can join family meal times and enjoy activity time, harnessed into the lobster as it clamps firmly to the table top offering stability & comfort on a rocky, unpredictable boat. In a confined space, where every centimetre counts, Jess complimented the strength and safety of the phil&teds traveller portable cot as the ‘only way to keep Rocket safely contained’ during the Pacific crossing.

Rocket enjoying the lobster and traveller on board the family boat

I think what the phil&teds crew will take away from meeting Jess, James & Rocket was their incredible sense of parenting as a team and how courageous they are to be hands on, ‘learning on the job’ as they travel from one destination to the next. They explained the physical difficulties of adapting to boat life with a baby, but their main discussion was based around family and how awesome it has been to have both Mum and Dad at home (boat sweet boat) everyday since Rocket was born. James explains that they are often questioned ‘Isn’t it a shame that Rocket won’t remember all these amazing adventures, all the countries she visits?’ – he decides to disagree, as each experience is shaping Rocket’s future, and he puts emphasis on the fact that it is a learning & growing experience for both him & Jess, and how important that is as a parent.

Visiting the minimee’s

It really felt like we were meeting up with old friends as we shared laughs and exchanged different experiences and stories. Rocket got to hang out & play with the minimee crew in the on site creche and made plenty of new friends. She also got to test drive the phil&teds metro carrier which we hope will come in handy during their camping stay here in New Zealand, as they explore what Aotearoa has to offer. We wish the Lloyd-Mostyn family all the best for the next chapter of their travels and parenting journey – we can’t wait to read all about it. Keep on adapting&surviving and escaping that nursery prison!  

Taking the metro for a spin!

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