phil&teds verve inline stroller review – movin’ on up!

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I’ve got three children – a 5y old boy, 2y girl and newborn boy.  Since my first I’ve had three strollers and I’ve had problems with all of them: too big; broken wheels; hard to steer; no storage and too complicated!  When my third baby along I was prepared to fork out a lot of money to buy a top of the range stroller.  Then a friend suggested I try the phil&teds verve inline stroller.  She explained that the phil&teds verve is a very reasonably priced inline stroller with exceptional features.  Recommendation accepted.

My stroller is in the beautiful and very stylish cherry red, but it also comes in cobalt blue and black.  I like the red because it stands out and is gender-neutral, which is great with a boy and girl to cart around.  When I received my phil&teds verve I was having flashbacks to assembling flat pack furniture… the arguments, the tears, the tantrums – that was my husband.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  All it took was the installation of the mud guards, two rear wheels and the front wheels – easy peasy!  Five minutes later we were ready to roll.

I love it!  The verve has a range of nifty features.  For a start I love its size.  With two older kids, we have a lot of accessories in the boot of our car – scooters, helmets, bikes etc.  The verve folds to a very compact size making it easy to fit in the back of the car and still have ample room for the family’s paraphernalia.  The folding mechanism is very easy to use.  It essentially just folds in half.  The feature I like the most is it opens in one fluid movement.  There’s no mucking about.  It’s also relatively lightweight and can be lifted from the top so I don’t have to bend down to pick it up – saves my back!

The manoeuvrability of the phil&teds verve is exceptional.  It’s got two 7” wheels at the front that easily take on tight corners and shimmy around obstacles.  Pushing the stroller in shopping malls and busy supermarkets is a breeze not like navigating a bus around a herd of sheep.  Thanks to the inbuilt suspension, it gildes easily up and off kerbs and over footpath bumps and cracks, without disturbing its precious passengers.  There’s a one touch handle brake so I’m not fumbling around trying to find the brake with my foot.  The handlebar has six positions keeping my wrists and arms comfortable and cramp-free.

The phil&teds verve has a great storage basket!  I can fit heaps in there.  I love it.

I also purchased the double kit.  The phil&teds verve has 23 riding configurations – yes 23!  While I don’t use all of them, I can take both my 2 year old daughter and newborn son out with ease.  With the double kit my daughter can sit up front like queen muck while the little fella sleeps lying flat underneath her.  Then when he’s a bit older they’ll both be able to sit upright.  The front seat has four recline positions while the second seat at the rear has two recline positions.  Both will be able to sleep easily while we’re on the move.  Best of all the stroller folds with the second seat in place.

The other feature I like is the easily reversible seat.  Using the double kit I can have my two year old daughter facing me so I can keep an eye on her while we’re cruising around.  She’s not a great sleeper so I sometimes walk her around trying to get her to sleep.  With her in reverse mode I don’t have to stop to check whether she’s asleep or awake.  I can just look down and see that beautiful and, hopefully, sleeping face!

A taller seat means that my newborn son will be able to lie flat for a while, giving him a chance to get that core and neck strength up to speed before sitting up.  The adjustable straps means that the seat grows with the kids so we’ll be able to use it for longer.   Both the front seat and the second seat are made of a padded Lycra material making it super comfy.

I love my phil&teds verve inline stroller.  It’s super easy to use.  It has fantastic features.  It easily converts to a double stroller.  I only wish it had been available five years ago when our family first expanded, then I wouldn’t have wasted my time and money on all those other strollers.

About the author:

Sacha is an active Mum of three, a 5 year old daughter a 21 month year old son and a brand new baby boy. Her family are based in Manly, Sydney, Australia and love to spend a lot of time outdoors and near the beach..