road testing the alpha baby capsule

With the impending arrival of my third child, I bought a new baby capsule for the car.  Our old one was big and chunky and worst of all, heavy!  After doing some research I decided to procure the phil&teds alpha capsule.  phil&teds promised that it would be safe and comfortable, lightweight, and versatile.  I decided to road test it.

The alpha is everything they claimed it would be.  It has an adjustable five point safety harness.  You can adjust not only the length of the straps but also the position.  So as the little fella grows I can move the straps up to make sure they’re sitting above his shoulders.  I can also move the centre clip down to make it even more comfortable and to ensure he’s sitting at the right angle.  The newborn insert makes sure he’s as snug as bug and doesn’t float around in the seat.

Other than the safety component, I love that the alpha is so lightweight.  Our old capsule used to be cumbersome and I felt like I was breaking my arm each time I removed it from the car.  I can take my sleeping little man from the car and put him back again easily, and without disturbing him.  It is so lightweight that I was even able to carry the capsule with our baby in one arm and a tantrum-throwing two year old in the other arm… and a bag over my shoulder for good measure.

phil&teds alpha is also very versatile.  I’ve got a base that the capsule clips into.  This was very easy to install in my car using the lap sash.  But you can also use it without the base and anchor the capsule itself using the lap sash – I can imagine this is a useful feature if you need to travel in a different car, like a taxi.

The phil&teds alpha is so versatile that I can also clip it straight on to my phil&teds verve inline stroller using the travel system.  This is great when I’m doing a quick shop and don’t want to wake the little chap up by moving him from the car to the stroller.

Overall it’s a great capsule that I’d highly recommend.

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