emotion carrier helps busy mum of two turn life around

Christine is a qualified Early childhood educator and has 12 years of valuable teaching experience behind her, taking time out in between to raise two adorable girls, now aged 3.5years and 10 months old.  A busy mum who loves the outdoors with a passion for motorsports and keeping active, she put the phil&teds emotion carrier to the test, and kindly shares her experience and how it is helping her adapt&survive the crazy world of parenting!

I first used the phil&ted’s emotion carrier when my youngest was about 6 months old. She was a very demanding baby and suffered from what we believe to be Silent Reflux. This meant a lot of discomfort for her resulting in her easily getting upset and being hard to settle. There were lot’s of tears, crying and screaming and the only way to soothe her would be to carry her everywhere with me. Understandably, constant crying can be super stressful not to mention exhausting. Unable to get anything done and with my eldest child growing increasingly frustrated with me not being able to spend time with her and do stuff together, I was nearly at my wits end. As soon as I got my hands on the emotion carrier, I would have to say it turned my life around.

All of a sudden I was able to comfortably carry baby, keeping her close to me while my hands were free to do things, like prepare meals, take my eldest to the park, walk the dogs and even tidy the house. Things that had previously been a real struggle. It was a relief to know my baby was safe and secure in the carrier, sitting snug and high, well supported & close enough for lot’s of kisses to keep her calm. I knew she was content and happy as the crying really subsided. As you can imagine, it certainly made for a happier Mum and a happier household!

I found the carrier very easy to put on and use. Getting baby in and out of it was no problem even when I was at home on my own or in town with both the girls. I have used the carrier everywhere! We spend a lot of time at the beach and going for walks along the beach with a pushchair or stroller on sand and stones is not such an easy thing to do, however now that I have the emotion carrier it’s no longer an issue. We can head outdoors without any fuss much to the delight of my eldest daughter as we have more time to play together, it truly helps me get through the busy parenting day. I have also used it at motorsport events & other sporting events which has allowed me to keep enjoying the things I loved to do before I was a parent. It’s so important to retain that sense of self and live that dynamic lifestyle with kids in tow.

The emotion carrier is practical, comfortable and well constructed. I find it extremely helpful around the house or when both of the girls are sick and need my full attention. I would definitely recommend this carrier to any parents with infants, especially first time parents as it is very simple & intuitive to use. It is suitable from 3.5kgs to 15kgs – pretty much from newborn until they are walking on their own, I only wish I had known about it sooner! I know it certainly changed the way that I was able to parent and the emotion is continuing to help me adapt&survive on this parenting journey.


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