What adventure are we going on today Mum?

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Every time I put my little girl in her phil&teds alpha capsule she looks at me with her big blue eyes as if to say “what adventures are we going on today mum?”

Before purchasing a capsule my husband and I imagined ourselves not being able to get the car seat in and out of the car, thinking that we would have to remove baby from the capsule every time we needed to venture out. However we did know we would have to practice with teddy bears before the real thing, so we would know all the in’s & out’s of fitting the capsule correctly and safely, before our baby arrived.

But the phil&teds alpha capsule  has made our life a breeze. It is incredibly simple and easy to install. Even the qualified car seat technician noted that it was the “easiest car capsule I have ever put in” when we went to get it checked by a professional, just to be 100% sure it was installed correctly. It is really nice that my husband & I can get the capsule in and out of the car with minimal fuss and without disturbing our baby too much. Our daughter Emelia appreciates this, and rewards us with plenty of smiles instead of tears.

As you can see from the pictures our little girl has been beyond happy with the comfort of her ride, and tends to nod off in minutes as soon as we are on our way. Just four months in and we are loving the convenience of being able to lift the capsule in and out of the car with ease when we arrive at friends’ houses or when we go out to restaurants to eat. The alpha capsule simply clicks into the tethered base as per the Australian safety standards ( check out the instructional video here!) and can be attached to a stroller when out & about via the phil&teds range of travel systems. The 5 point safety harness is easy to adjust and the soft padding means the straps don’t rub against her skin.  The infant liner fits snug to the capsule so we know she is well supported and secure and there’s no extra or unnecessary movement. We certainly appreciate how much easier our lives have been made as a result. My recommendation to other families in regards to the phil&teds alpha capsule could not come more highly.

emelia alpha capsule 1.jpg

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Thanks to Joanna and her wonderful family for sharing their phil&teds alpha adventures!  


**Please note this review was written for the Australian market, product and installation may differ depending on your location.


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About the author:

Joanna Midwife and mother and lives in Geelong, Australia. I have been working as a midwife since 2007 and this year became a mother to the gorgeous Emelia. As a family we love to go walking especially along the beach, go on holidays and check out new restaurants (I'm lucky enough to be married to a Pastry Chef!!) Loving motherhood and looking forward to all the adventures we will all share together..