phil&teds tree decorating survival guide

Decorating the tree for the holidays can be a testing time for parents, so here’s our top tips for adapting & surviving tree decorating with minimee’s in tow at your place!

  1. Before you begin tree decorating, make sure decorations are in tip top shape and there are no broken ornaments with sharp pieces. Assemble tree and share out decorations amongst the tree decorating crew.

christmas tree decorating tips and tricks for parents!

  1. Section the tree if you have more than one child – and allocate according to height order. Assign the lower branches to the youngest & shortest minimee’s while the older children get to decorate the middle and top.

  1. Ensure decorations are easy to hang with generous loops for little fingers to place on the lower branches. Store-bought decorations with small hanging loops can be removed and replaced with pipecleaners or twine to make hanging easier. If using an artificial tree turn up the ends of the branch to stop each ornament from falling off.

    Personalised tree decorations!

  1. Personalise decorations by making ornaments with your children’s artwork or handprints. These awesome baking soda clay handprints found on the Mama.Papa.Bubba blog would also make a great gift idea!

christmas tree decorating craft and arts

  1. Mix it up! Change the colour scheme from year to year to keep things fun and interesting. sticking to one or two colours will help create a co-ordinated put together look without much effort. Red & White is a knockout combo (phil&teds colours of course!)

  1. Or try an alternative tree all together like this unique cardboard creation!

    tree decorating different and unique

  1. Try some tree inspired craft activities to get everyone in the festive mood like these sticker dot trees!

    tree decorating with arts and crafts sticker dots

  1. Focus on the experience of decorating the tree – even though your little ones may place all of their decorations on one branch in one cluster, let them enjoy the moment. Resist the urge to rush in and re position their tree decorations. It’s all learning, and it’s helping to develop their fine motor skills and creative expression.

  1. Bake some treats or have special holiday themed snacks on hand for everyone to enjoy once all the hard work is done & dusted. Everyone will be able to take a step back and marvel at their exceptional achievement. Take a pic of the finished product for everyone to look back on and admire for years to come.

christmas tree decorating cookies


  1. Quietly tip toe into the the lounge once tuckered out decorators have fallen asleep (avoiding the squeaky floor boards and dodging the random toys on the floor) and stealthily redistribute decorations like a ninja, with precision & skill like only a phil&teds parent can! shhhh we promise not to tell if you don’t…wink, wink 😉

Get the whole family involved with tree decorating

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