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It’s summer down under so for most families that means days spent outside, the beach, bbq’s, adventures, exploring & making memories. This weekend we had the opportunity to test the latest offering from the phil&teds world’s best inline range – enter the voyager! We packed a picnic, grabbed a few throws, some beach toys and the sunblock and headed out, to make the most of the sunshine & put this stroller through it’s paces. What did we find? That the voyager will take you from curbside to sea-side for the journey you have mapped out and more! Use in single mode (as pictured) or as an inline stroller for two, knowing that every seat position has been cleverly configured for maximum riding comfort and convenience for your lil travellers. Especially handy for twins – this buggy is packed full of features, with modular style seats that can be converted to lay-flat bassinets in both the front and rear positions meaning two babies can snooze at once. I particularly love products that arrive on the door-step and are ready to use straight from the box without the need for too many extra bit’s & bob’s. If there was a bun in the oven & I was expecting a new addition (which friends & family I’m not btw) the bassinet style seat would be the deal-sealer for me. Having a comfy & cozy, sheltered bassinet seat that also converts to a toddler seat once baby is older would be one of those essential considerations I wouldn’t compromise. phil&teds voyager has that versatility.

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 A four wheeler with two smaller wheels at the front and two larger wheels at the back, we found the handling & steering smooth sailing, with an adjustable handle we could switch between my partner and I based on our personal preferences. We are polar opposites in everything we do so this feature came in handy and saved a tonne of bickering, #relationshipgoals and all. At first we didn’t even realise the wheels were aeromaxx. But on closer inspection we discovered there are no air-filled tyres here folks! Not an inner-tube in sight or the need for an air-pump at all. These wheels are ready to roll from the get go and are puncture free. PUNCTURE FREE! Sorry for the capitals but as a parent, that really excites me! The prospect of being stranded with a puncture & a toddler doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest. Puncture repairs & tyre maintenance aren’t my forte – there’s a million, trillion things that I’d rather do. Thanks for saving us the hassle phil&teds – fellow parents just think riding comfort without all the fuss of an air filled tyre. This feature alone shouts easy & clever to me.

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This stroller can be folded with both seats attached, and when in single mode the main seat can be either forward facing or parent facing – just click the seat into the frame depending on which way your little passenger would prefer to face. Keep them close when they are little & adorable and as they grow and become a tad more curious (or when they transform into toddler monsters) let them face out so they can see the big wide world. The fold is a standing fold, which still allows room & trunk space for a picnic, shopping and a few of those summer essentials for outdoor fun. Go from boot to park & playground and back again in a snap! I actually did get a kick out of folding and unfolding this stroller over and over again because it’s so easy. Onlookers would of thought I was crazy – but I often find it’s the small things that bring so much joy and for me an easy to fold stroller is at the top of the list.

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So what else do you really need to know? voyager features a handbrake, large sunhood, large parcel tray, phone jack point for jamming those tunes on the move, and easy to adjust 5-point safety harness. Everything a world’s best inline should have! Available in Grey Marl, Blue Marl, Red and Black plush colourways – your passengers will enjoy every voyage you set out on!

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Final thoughts…

having used the voyager as a single stroller on different types of terrain, there’s no question that this versatile buggy has all the characteristics of a world’s best inline. I particularly love the modular all in one style seats which are suitable from newborn to big kid, fully adaptable for two siblings as your family grows or twin ready (with the addition of the double kit). I reckon this easy & clever inline is pretty tough to beat. Stylish, neutral and plush fabrics will keep your precious cargo comfortable, while you adapt&survive the crazy world of parenting and look good doing it!


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