What do your phil&teds weekends look like?

When we get good weather here in Wellington we have to take advantage as there are normally more windy and rainy days than sunshine. We are getting some amazing summer days at the moment so we have been making an extra effort to get out and enjoy every minute while we can. Saturday mornings start with a simple breakfast with minimal dishes to keep clean up quick, we get showered & dressed, peg up a load of washing on the line, pack a lunch box with some easy snacks (fruit and vege sticks, crackers all the usual suspects), grab the nappy bag, head out the door & don’t look back!

Usually we discuss our plan of attack the night before so we have a rough idea of how the day will roll out. We always leave room for those unexpected moments so we don’t feel like we are rushing from place to place sticking to a tight schedule. Plus you never know who you will run into while you’re out so it’s good to have some flexibility as plans can easily change. There is so much happening around the city at the moment with summer festival activities happening all over the place we have been spoilt for choice with fun family things to do. If you are visiting Wellington check out the Wellington Council website here for all the info on what’s happening and when so you can get amongst it!

Our first port of call is always COFFEE & great coffee at that. Who’s with me? Our local cafe – the chocolate fish, have astonishingly not only been able to combine delicious coffee and spectacular food & service, they are also family friendly. They have a tonne of ride-on bikes, cars, scooters and a small playground for the minimee’s in your life. Our kids think it is the best place on earth, all the while oblivious to the fact that Mum & Dad also think it’s the best place on earth! Shhhhh don’t tell them! While they are riding around like maniacs we get the chance to have 5-mins to talk, shoot the breeze and feel like adults while we sip on coffee pretending we don’t have kids…just kidding. But those small little moments, however fleeting are so important when you have little ones it ‘aint all about the baby, baby!

voyager parenting day 1.png

We order brunch/lunch and get fuelled for the day. Of course our youngest has become one with his choices (yes choices) of vehicle and spends the entire time going from motorbike to car stopping only for a brief chug of chocolate milkshake, before hooning off again. We let a good amount of time pass and choose our moment when he is distracted to swoop in (otherwise we would still be there) Even with our slick timing he catches on and realises he will be leaving his new found buddies behind, cue loud heart breaking crying & screaming as we try to buckle him into his car seat. We explain that we are off on another adventure and once we are driving the tears slow down to sobbing then eventually dry up. Phew!

voyager day out collage - 2.jpg

We park up at Oriental Parade, lift out the voyager – he is happy to jump in the “star wars buggy” as he calls it and we bung on the food tray knowing he didn’t touch any of his food at the cafe. Out come the sandwiches and a few snacks. The food tray sits on top of the bumper bar and has a handy connector that fits a drink bottle or small snack container easily. The tray fits into a bag or sits in the parcel tray when not in use, so we just whip it out as needed. All that playing has meant he’s worked up an appetite, he devours his lunch which puts us at ease. Finally he’s eaten something. We give the tray a quick wipe down and we are good to go for our stroll.

voyager day out collage 5.jpg

We follow the waterfront which leads us to a free concert in the park – we didn’t even realise this was going on at the time, it completely took us by surprise. So we take a look around and stay to listen to the music. We cut through the crowds effortlessly with the smooth handling of the voyager and find a good spot to catch all the action. It’s warming up, snow cones are calling! Shaved ice treats are just the thing to cool us down on our way to @Te Papa Museum, which is a short walk away.

voyager day out collage 10.jpg

Before we go exploring and see what’s new, a much needed toilet stop is needed. For anyone without kids this would totally be TMI but when you have children every little task has the potential to blow up into a big problem. So when you know a nice clean toilet/nappy changing facility is near you grab it! We take turns. one of us looks after the stroller while the other one goes and then we swap – it’s all about team-work guys! Thankfully the waiting lines aren’t too long and no situations arise this time. All refreshed, toddler changed & content we venture on to see what new exhibits are open. We take a tour and spend a good part of our day here – there’s so many things to see and do plus it’s cool as the day is really heating up now. The voyager glides effortlessly from floor to floor, around every nook & cranny, and a couple of times we need to use the elevator to move from level to level which is no problem.

voyager day out collage 7.jpg

Once we’ve had our fill of interesting facts and have checked out all the exhibits, we turn back stopping in at the concert again. One of our favourite bands is playing, so we enjoy a couple of songs before our toddler decides this music isn’t quite to his taste and instead finds the grass much more fascinating. Naturally he has to pull big clumps of it out of the ground and throw it at the closest person to him which is me. Such a rascal! Grass all down my top and in my hair I shake it off, smiling as I think back to my school days when we would have grass fights and they would have us in hysterics. He’s having a good time so I can’t blame him. The sun is starting to go down as we make one last stop at the park on our way back to the car.This final little play should see the kids knackered out ready for dinner and bed once we get home, fingers crossed. I notice a couple of other parents having a tough time as their kids refuse to go down the slide and I’m reminded that some days are easier than others and in those tough parenting moments, when your patience truly gets tested the best thing you can do is adapt & survive. Thankfully for us, today we only had one meltdown to deal with but we know on any given day it could be us struggling to get our minimee down the slide – that’s just how the crazy parenting day goes.

voyager collage 8.jpg

Kids buckled in, buggy in boot we are home bound! Just in time to get the washing in off the line and dinner on.

What do your weekends look like phil&teds friends? We would love to hear from you – show us what your phil&teds parenting day adventures look like from your part of the world, email [email protected] so we can feature your stories and experiences on the blog!

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About the author:

Casey is the mother of a 9 year old daughter and a gorgeous but clingy 20 month old boy. I have enough buggy pushing, nappy changing, tantrum throwing, parent wins (and some fails) experience behind me to write a book and make a movie! I am all about the blogging life and sharing the parental journey from the mad world of phil&teds. Let's navigate this journey together! I would love to hear your thoughts and tips so feel free to leave a comment or flick through an email to [email protected]