Park action!

My two year old is an active little girl who loves nothing more than a good swing at the park.  I thought having another baby would slow us down and make it harder for me to take her there, but the phil&teds alpha infant capsule makes it super easy.  For those impromptu, spur of the moment visits to the local park, when our baby falls asleep in the car I keep him in the capsule and just carry him over to the park  – he gets the rest he needs and she still gets to have a quick 15 minute run around to burn off some of that excess energy. Even if he’s not asleep it gives him a front row seat to watch all the exciting park action & her shenanigans! For longer, planned, play sessions we always have the phil&teds verve on hand so he has somewhere comfortable & flat to sleep for longer periods if we will be spending the day out. Win, win!

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About the author:

Sacha is an active Mum of three, a 5 year old daughter a 21 month year old son and a brand new baby boy. Her family are based in Manly, Sydney, Australia and love to spend a lot of time outdoors and near the beach..